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Slapstick87 t1_iye16nb wrote

This is the wsb post of all time img celebrating +100k while down 700k


freehouse_throwaway t1_iyei4o9 wrote

scenes when OP sells $100c covered calls thinking it'll never hit and gets assigned


VisualMod t1_iyd8gga wrote

You're an idiot if you don't invest in Alibaba. They are going to take over the world and make everyone rich, except for poor people who deserve to be poor because they are lazy and stupid.

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EconomicsChance8236 t1_iydb9bu wrote

VM is a fucking monster.


ScipioAtTheGate t1_iye06cm wrote

"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster"


Dikheed t1_iyf7ez7 wrote

I'm going all in, long on MNST, that should kill the cunt in a day.


Wise_Distribution_24 t1_iydzxst wrote

Can an AI be sued for giving financial advice?


ScipioAtTheGate t1_iye0s9q wrote

The liability would lie with its owner if they knew it was providing financial advice and or programmers, so in this the entire WSB mod team or u/zjz (assumably the programmer) if the mod team had no knowledge (or reasonably could not have known) that the VisualMod was providing folks with financial advice.


joyful- t1_iyeowm9 wrote

Isn't financial advice a potential legal issue only for those actually certified to give them? I thought otherwise, individuals are responsible for their own financial decisions, regardless of what advice you got from some rando on the street. Unless fraud is involved of course.


TheDoge420 t1_iyf0076 wrote

i knew you were a commie, called it yesterday


EEazy89 t1_iyf64p5 wrote

I just have Fidelity emerging Asian markets mutual fund, which has a top holding of Alibaba. I feel more comfortable with that because it also has Samsung and some other big hitters that are not exclusive to China so if China takes hits the other ones make up for it.


SpiffyGolf t1_iyer79d wrote

maybe not all people studies financial economies and don't know how work the trades and many think the brokers are guru and not the platforms for investing


RastaImp0sta t1_iyd97ts wrote

How this stock popped 10% with what’s happening in China right now is kinda blowing my mind.


WhyG32 t1_iydauyp wrote

You don’t get that the public outrage is causing the deviation from the strictest form of Zero Covid. That’s what the market plays


RastaImp0sta t1_iydktfy wrote

What news source do you have that backs up that at stance? The only information I could find was that 2 cities are easing some of the restrictions however this is a country wide issue.

I believe BABA popped because the CCP is trying to support them in making their own computer chips but I have yet to have only reply to me backing that statement.


WhyG32 t1_iydv8jn wrote

And that’s why the whole sector is up?


Squirmingbaby t1_iydr6pu wrote

Maybe a gamble that xi falls and its back to the good old days.


marbloch t1_iyfecge wrote

If Xi falls it's going to be chaos and instability for the whole world for a while.


Lucr3tius t1_iydwxxu wrote

its not even half the volume as it was in March


hkric t1_iydyil5 wrote

People are regarded enough to think people protesting is going to affect government policy towards their demands.


Fly__Eagles__Fly t1_iye4lwy wrote

Am I a joke to you?

-Civil Rights Movement


hkric t1_iyegdl7 wrote

Except that didn't happen in a police state with AI face tracking and a military that is mostly dedicated specifically to squashing uprisings.


hirisk365 t1_iydadpe wrote

Just switch over to $iq who’s parent company is baba


plzbereasonable t1_iyf5psq wrote

Explain $IQ for me please. How does buying into IQ also support BABA?


jonhybee t1_iydwqp7 wrote

just bought some puts, wish me luck.


SpiffyGolf t1_iyerk4o wrote

Also me with GEO I made 16% yesterday, unfortunally I buy 1000$ but are moneys.


Distinct_Bread_3241 t1_iydalqs wrote

The balls on this guy 👏. My portfolio is also heavily in baba. Ride or die brother


Jameson-Trader t1_iydfrh5 wrote

Damn. Should have just given me the $700k.


BigKok1969 t1_iydyre3 wrote

Yep just bought 100 euro for BABA lets goooo


AerieJumpy t1_iye3l1j wrote

Baba to the moon!!! :))


Dry_Satisfaction_623 t1_iye7y56 wrote

I bought BABA yesterday for a swing trade and thought I closed it out. Turns out I didn't, and I woke up with a nice surprise.


ScrotyMcboogrb4lls t1_iydiws0 wrote

Do you sell contracts in the meantime? Or are you just sitting on all those shares that might take years to break even?


StockAstro OP t1_iyf0gme wrote

I sell covered calls. In batches just try to make a little each week. Not too aggressive, don’t want to get called out on a rally.


Mitenpat t1_iyemgfa wrote

"So you are saying there is a chance?:"


Delco4545 t1_iyf5xi9 wrote

This guy has serious money if thats only one holding hes showing


okokibuynok t1_iyddq57 wrote

Jesus hope u bought some of that juicy $60 dip


MrULTRALONG t1_iye0qdp wrote

How do you sleep? Basicaly do you sleep?


Ornery_Gene7682 t1_iye5ms8 wrote

Swung an 85c went from $50-350 within 30mins from opening bell nearly shit myself


kavOclock t1_iyemedi wrote

That’s what I call my dad


iBlusik t1_iyemesc wrote

Suddenly my 1k$ loss on baba doesn't hurt do much


plzbereasonable t1_iyf5j3p wrote

Honestly dude, you’ll get there soon enough. Just don’t sell for a loss


AsshhhHo t1_iyf6767 wrote

This doesn’t even deserve a congrats, just a fuck you.


Juiceman022 t1_iydqlzs wrote

I’ll buy at $66


Lucr3tius t1_iydx6f7 wrote

except a lot of people think this way and it'll likely not get that low. $70


CrastersKip t1_iyecepd wrote

Where do you people get $1 million to invest in rword moves? I thought we were all poor Millennials and Zoomers


PLTRruinedme t1_iyeea27 wrote

the lucky generation, people born in the late 80's are big chilling right now.


General_Asleep t1_iyefjo8 wrote

I was going to say peoples like me too, thinking late 80's is too long ago and doesn't apply to me, but then I realized I was born in 1989. Fuck I am old.


Softspokenclark t1_iyetgk5 wrote

i think we found former president Jiang Zemin


jorger777 t1_iyey9rt wrote

Not sure if I'm happy or sad to see that I'm not alone @144


HummerGuy69 t1_iyf7cy0 wrote

What's that other color in the picture?


Killerjomoney t1_iye986u wrote

Lol 😂 we told you 💦🍆⚰️💯 but let’s see how this cpi data looks. Maybe you’ll get 7-20% more of initial gamble 😂😂😂 can’t call that an investment 😂😂😂 I think baba is a bet overvalued with current eco, but probably big slow down Q4 🤷🏽‍♂️


ChuckJA t1_iyedum8 wrote

Get out of Chinese stocks while you still can, fam


General_Asleep t1_iyef0tu wrote

Lmao, at least you are up 100k more since then.


Boostlagg t1_iyerb0x wrote

wow true autistic going that big in to Baba


Key-Put4092 t1_iyev4g5 wrote

complete opposite to the post above


Wyld-West t1_iyfa54t wrote

Embarrassed to say I have a $212 cost basis thankfully it’s not 13k shares but a measly 13


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StockAstro OP t1_iyd8we9 wrote

Well my financial strategy was pretty straightforward. I bought the dip and then it dipped so I bought more. But then it dipped again so I bought that dip. But then It dipped again.


istari t1_iydmg40 wrote

The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain regarded.

Even if you are always regarded.


RobertKBWT t1_iye0qq6 wrote

Good strategy but I wouldn't have the courage to put an entire milion in Chinese stock


winguswingding t1_iyejcd4 wrote

Now this is some loss porn I’ll choke myself and jerk off to


Odd-Pineapple465 t1_iydaban wrote

Should have sold at 60... then put the 700k into calls... ud be over 3 million now easily... probably more..


cossack1984 t1_iyefts0 wrote

Have you thought about following your own advice and becoming a billionaire? Your logic is impeccable, you are an intellectual giant!


Odd-Pineapple465 t1_iyeqiz9 wrote

I have but it never worked out lol.. had 100k worth of nio on ipo day... held all the way to $1.. then sold and bought calls with the 10k... it stayed around $1 forever... when my calls had expired it shot up from $1 to $60..😂😂😂💩💩💩