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Karmaqqt t1_j1tocin wrote

Oh. Damn last 100k must be tough.


CryptoScamee42069 t1_j1tzt8a wrote

Keep an eye out for his GoFundMe.

‘Misunderstood and deeply unfortunate entrepreneur looking to get back on his feet. Please give generously.’


fredericksonKorea t1_j1xais8 wrote

"The woke left cancel squad has caused damage to my financial well being, I need strong conservative americans to step up and help the fight against demonrats"

SBF-gofundme 2023


CSMastermind t1_j1xsaf4 wrote

Nah, you've got the wrong political persuasion for him. Much more likely that he'll position himself as a vegan lgbt-lmnop minority wrongfully being opposed by a system of structural injustices.


StonksGoUpApes t1_j1xfjl0 wrote

When you want to have lawyers that bill like $1200/hr, it's a really big problem for him.


justaddedmorehops t1_j1tp05o wrote

Hasn’t bathed in 5 years so he’s really been saving on the water bill


ALMessenger t1_j1tx26r wrote

Don‘t forget about the “few hundred million” that was lost in a “hack” after he declared bankruptcy

He’s the dumbest boy in school. In that Vox interview he did shortly after this all went down he blames this hack shortly after he basically admits to being a shameless liar regarding the utilitarian bullshit


cyberslick188 t1_j1u5348 wrote

Getting "hacked" during the crash of your exchange is so outrageously common in this space that it's safe to assume it's a built-in contingency plan.

SBF about to join another in a long list of disgraced traders who have absolutely no money connected to their names but mysteriously live in gigantic houses, drive expensive cars, and have seemingly limitless disposable income.

Assuming he ever gets out of jail anyway.


rikki-tikki-deadly t1_j1ui17r wrote

All that stuff is well and good, but the real question is whether he will have enough money to hire Russian hookers to dress up as sultry wood nymphs.


Perfect_Anteater5810 t1_j1wrfo3 wrote

> hire Russian hookers to dress up as sultry wood nymphs.

Anyone got 100k to spare ? Fuck it make it 10k.


definitivescribbles t1_j1u1wby wrote

Him and everyone around him should be in debt by the millions, and should have everything they own repo’d and sold to repay the customers he defrauded.


Mediogris t1_j1u8fej wrote

Soon: "Billionare buys whole town to walk freely and go shopping under house arrest."


ejitifrit1 t1_j1trtbg wrote

Aww man the poor guy!!


DurbanDawg t1_j1u2qam wrote

Must be sooo rough only having 100k..dude just had a 250m bail.


minderbinder49 t1_j1tycpr wrote

I mean he said that a week or two ago before posting $250 million bail so he might be lying


ECK-2188 t1_j1uczfu wrote

… surely you mean other people’s $100K?


imfrombiz t1_j1u9kp9 wrote

Doesn't he mean, "down to your last 100k"


PapaGuhl t1_j1u1ww4 wrote

Most autists here waiting for first 100k


LefkadaVice t1_j1v0sd1 wrote

He really is obsessed with his sperm count.


Chakita88 t1_j1umqeb wrote

Yet he put up $250m bail (25m) within hours.


cavscout37 t1_j1uoshq wrote

You mean, you’re down to someone else’s 100k.


AntiqueWay7550 t1_j1ux1xg wrote

I don’t believe it till I see the Robinhood screenshot


Hayha360 t1_j1ullz2 wrote

Damn son, he rich.


DucatiSteve1299 t1_j1ur944 wrote

He’s got billions he siphoned out with the crypto Blockchain.


iBoMbY t1_j1v24b1 wrote

So, will he get a public defender?


[deleted] t1_j1v3kln wrote

Didn’t he just post 250m bail?


ScooBySnaCk-SDRL t1_j1vgoei wrote

I am sure people have thought about this but what about the "hack" that just so happened to occur right when all the chips were falling I think to the tune of 5b.

Not one issue this whole time and then "darn I have been hacked"


x0rn t1_j1wbq5u wrote

Me too fucker.


ApplicationNo2506 t1_j1wuu76 wrote

Any chance is doesn’t do serious time. Gotta imagine with the politicians he greased he has some people looking out got him


anon57842 t1_j1wxc6j wrote


that's probably stolen customer money too


itsgucci060 t1_j1wyaiv wrote

He and his parents are going to be flat broke after this is done. The legal fees and the inevitable massive fines will wipe out his equity in Robinhood as well as any other assets. We’re talking about a billion dollar fine here.


peter303_ t1_j1xo93x wrote

Where did he get $250M for bail?

His parents house was $5M at most. (Palo Alto very pricey.)


kletcherian t1_j1yced3 wrote

SBF: "But I'm still a crypto billionaire"


Classic_Cream_4792 t1_j1uwnjx wrote

Dude.. how is Robinhood even worth $450 m… do I not understand this article cause im an ape eating red and green crayons. I try to be festive during the holidays