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ShroomingMantis t1_j6ac1ze wrote

Only down 50% soooo id give u a 50 if I had to score it


sadafboicry OP t1_j6ac6y9 wrote

You think I can get back up to even? Lol it's been 2 years since I first started investing


ShroomingMantis t1_j6accwa wrote

Of course you can! I think you're more likely to drive that baby into ground unless you make an adjustment to your performance, but almost anything is possible in the markets...


sadafboicry OP t1_j6acqug wrote

After Friday's trading day, I went all in on SQQQ. What do you think


ShroomingMantis t1_j6aer18 wrote

I dont blame u. It was pretty intense selling in the last hour. I wouldn't be surprised to see it continue thru next week if everybody's taking profits.

I never go all in on 1 play at a time though.


Away_Fishing5926 t1_j6ao70b wrote

Put screenshots of your sqqq positions please so we can give you expert opinion 😀 good luck in advance


yawolac t1_j6aq65u wrote

Feb 17 qqq otm puts for me. Go big or go home.


TrustM3EzMoney t1_j6cif3j wrote

Can’t I’m balls deep is DIS call options don’t feel like borrowing cash from my wife’s boyfriend


Toomin3 t1_j6az6sz wrote

I'm still in TQQQ from Wednesday. RSI was bananas Friday. That Powel meeting is coming up however last time stocks went up until just before he spoke and than plummeted. I'm not sure if a 25 BPS increase will be enough to see that again.

Also, glad to see someone playing the TQQQ and SQQQ game. A perfect sell on one is a perfect buy on the other. Usually, TQQQ is the right choice since markets usually go up but lately SQQQ has been crazy.


ShroomingMantis t1_j6bz6kr wrote

Actually the distribution of green and red days is almost 50% so the odds of having an up or down day is almost even if you're out before close, fun fact.


PlantainStill t1_j6cmktm wrote

Switch to yearly and look at Sqqq in 2022, but tqqq every other year.

You are correct, but if you were to sell tqqq at each high point to buy sqqq and vice versa, you'd be in tqqq a lot longer.


Earthboundpug t1_j6asicx wrote

I think we have a green Monday but could turn after that


ElephantFriendly t1_j6bcvyb wrote

I have 5 2/17 50 calls. I think JPOW will say enough for it to work before then. I may roll them to March.


ThereisOnlyNow t1_j6bfxmy wrote

New bull market at 5% interest rates, company lay offs, VIX at lows and war happening, didn't you hear?


chuck_portis t1_j6c20f7 wrote

If you really think the market is due for a crash, don't short anything. Just wait for the crash and pick up cheap, high-quality companies after it happens. I promise you this is a much more profitable strategy on average. In the meantime just hold short term bonds.

This is way more boring than shorting, I agree. But it's a lot easier to make money on the long side than the short side. Look at anyone who bought META at $90 a couple of months ago. They nearly doubled already.


stockrot t1_j6cwqae wrote

Holy shit! One sane person in the group ! Who let you in here?


chuck_portis t1_j6cwu90 wrote

Posted too many dick pics on r/investing


stockrot t1_j6cz4e8 wrote

Well you still probably have most of your money img So welcome to the crack house .Pretty much just inverse whatever the overwhelming majority says here and you will be fine. Just ask the crowd that was screaming that TSLA was going to $50 gif


BootyOptions t1_j6dpfo0 wrote

lol bonds, this is wsb we aren't quite sure what bonds even are.


Bluehorsesho3 t1_j6e9z32 wrote

You're buying something that decays. Going all in on anything that decays is just pure reckless gambling.


justanothermofo88 t1_j6f15e7 wrote

It's all good Grant was WAYYY better than Franklin anyways...

UPDATE** I read on the internet that Grant broke Franklin's ribs in a high-school fight.


my-new-password t1_j6atpm7 wrote

2 years?… so what did u have puts in 2021 and calls in 2022? How did u spike down so fast in 2021 lol


5thStreetCapital t1_j6axfuk wrote

Back to even yes but it’ll take years. You literally need a 100% gain to recover. Just sit and wait.


mr-fybxoxo t1_j6bd2vz wrote

Yessir treat it like a casino and you’ll soon hit a jackpot or ramen till you die!!emote:t5_2th52:4271imgimg


eatdrinkandplay t1_j6bz5h4 wrote

I've been buying straddles /puts and calls otm and that's been helping me recover my loss. The market moves enough to make one of them +100% or more and everything else is gravy. This isn't investment advice.


ChippyChalmers t1_j6abwtm wrote

I give you an A, for Addict


sadafboicry OP t1_j6ac3yv wrote

Atleast I don't give up


TRex683 t1_j6e1kvv wrote

Or... you don't learn to change things.


FearlessSeaweed6428 t1_j6aebt6 wrote

I thought it said "rape" my portfolio and I was going to say it already has been...


jr1tn t1_j6acq6c wrote

You forgot to include your "portfolio" which you asked us to "rate"?


sadafboicry OP t1_j6acu0y wrote

I am all in SQQQ after that Friday sell off towards end of day.


jr1tn t1_j6adegx wrote

You're "all in" a leveraged short fund that resets daily in the middle of a stock market rally? I'd say that may not be the most fiscally prudent decision you ever made.


whatsagoinon1 t1_j6ada1z wrote

You will lose it all. Your chart dont lie. Slow death.


gabi_mara t1_j6aco8j wrote

I give you an F, for F*CKED


sadafboicry OP t1_j6ad0ab wrote

No chance to break even atleast?


gabi_mara t1_j6aeknt wrote

Of course you have it my friend. This rating is temporary.


Unknownirish t1_j6adg7c wrote

1/10 for not winning. 10/10 because that amount of effort to allow this continue down is priceless.


Emotional-Swimmer-22 t1_j6an70g wrote

3/10 a little tumescent at first glance, but nothing I really wanna jack it to, just reminds me of all the runaways that get ruined by this game


Unknownirish t1_j6anbff wrote

1/10. OP still has 28k left.

You changed my ratings.


One_Local4190 t1_j6ae0f3 wrote

There’s nothing to rate. We don’t even know how you lost this


drogodon t1_j6afrxy wrote

Not sure how to feel about it, about 50/50


RationalExuberance7 t1_j6cdm50 wrote

So you’re telling me 50% of your portfolio is not down every single time?


Friend4Lif t1_j6dslcx wrote

You’re not done yet! Come back at 100% or negative with margin and then we can rate you. Now get to work comrade


DepressedTestical t1_j6acqxt wrote

6/10 keep it up champ 😎


sadafboicry OP t1_j6acw4a wrote

I want to break even


CapableWelder2616 t1_j6az8gh wrote

If you gotta keep it simply 100% in one asset buy ExxonMobil with all you got, the divvy alone will one day pay you back if you sit and hold for years. Or sell CC with the shares with 90DTE so you can collect divvy +premium if you get assigned jus sell CCP , oil or8ces aren't going back down anytime soon. You could also do same with Apple but divvy is way less


xmustangxx t1_j6adkdc wrote

Let me guess you were long last year and now you’re probably thinking you should be short. Try the opposite. Market just blew through 200 MA on most indexes. Probably more upside now. Recency bias will kill you.


Sport926 t1_j6adl92 wrote

You only lose when you sell.


skibity1 t1_j6af8cn wrote

You can make it all back in one trade


sadafboicry OP t1_j6afb2z wrote

Or I could lose it all in one trade lol


diggingbighole t1_j6cb37t wrote

I think MJ said, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

Now, you've only lost 50% of the shots you did take.

I like those odds.


stockrot t1_j6cxcly wrote

Your well on your way with SQQQ , do you know what happens to you if JP goes .25% .the market goes straight up! God forbid for you if he pauses ( which probably is unlikely) you lose it all! The first thing you should do is get out of SQQQ monday morning that is a train wreck IMHO.


Eyetorzilla t1_j6afc3h wrote

Your portfolio may be halved but your creativity isnt


sadafboicry OP t1_j6affdq wrote

There's a support at these levels and a resistance that was hit twice and went back down to support again lol


sadafboicry OP t1_j6aflja wrote

I'm at support levels. I hit resistance level twice and dropped back down to the support levels aka where I am now lol


Quirky-Ad-9791 t1_j6agh4r wrote

Rate my portfolio. Posts picture of his balance history


RoyalWater54 t1_j6ahiga wrote



Corona_18665 t1_j6ai3zb wrote

I tried turning my phone upside down to make it better but it only got worse


moolahstonks t1_j6aj467 wrote

Almost the exact % and amount I’m down. Loss bros! 👊


rwrife t1_j6ajj2i wrote

If JFK were still alive he would be giving a speech in front of your parents’ basement to talk about special people like you. :)


Landed_port t1_j6akjym wrote

5/10, halfassed. You gotta learn how to whole ass things, we don't tolerate quitters 'round these parts


Flat4Power4Life t1_j6allrz wrote

We’re in a bear market, the bulls will eventually bring you back.


dr_trains t1_j6amgal wrote

it’s alright, could lose 49% more


Bulacano t1_j6apuom wrote

I think I see the problem. Your potty has a shocky thing in it.


pandalocox t1_j6ar4jz wrote

Look at the bright side the top number is bigger!!!


sol364 t1_j6at90l wrote



dank_bass t1_j6atzfc wrote

You're the closest person I've seen to getting both of the numbers exactly the same. If you do that you win the game right???


ErectoPeentrounus t1_j6au9f5 wrote

Looks like u bought spy at the top and sold at the last bottom


JBinker7 t1_j6awcf0 wrote

♾️Better than lightmode robin hooders down 100% on 0DTE SPX calls


Cat2Trade t1_j6awdbv wrote

I guess I would take out $23,000 and leave yourself $5,000. If you can’t work with $5,000, there is no way $28,000 will help! It’s like having five more lives if you blow up..


shh28 t1_j6azvru wrote

Please lose $133.96. I can't take the imbalance...


SpakulatorX t1_j6b2lzz wrote

Pretty sure this is actually good for wsb


Cherboi_ t1_j6bd19o wrote

I don't see the loss at 100% what's wrong


ElevationAV t1_j6bdtf5 wrote

6/9, could go down further but sometimes halfway is nice


The-BEAST t1_j6bi1r0 wrote

Regarded out of 10


uwustocksrin t1_j6bj6co wrote

0/10 need to loose it all plus a margin call


Hung_Hefty_Parsnip t1_j6bju2q wrote

Better than my RH which 92%Red. Started Dec, 2017. Yup I suck.


Pooh_Shmoo t1_j6bk1za wrote

I see no portfolio OP need to learn some terminology first, loss is justified so far


Moneydumper t1_j6bo3er wrote

It’s like your Mom. Only goes down


Belucci73 t1_j6boaj0 wrote

Your portfolio meets all of WSB requisites.


MysteryKosmo2 t1_j6bwyk3 wrote

B- for not getting the battery charge level on the screenshot


_chasingdabag_v2 t1_j6bzjzj wrote

double or nothing get back to even or lose it all


Apollon-Galanis t1_j6c002c wrote

lmaoaoaoaaoaoaoao someone portfolio said total return -$3000


coinhunter27 t1_j6c2o2p wrote

The term portfolio is too professional for you, it's more like a gambling record.


Hun-chan t1_j6c7t2k wrote

Damn, that looks exactly like my portfolio. All the same numbers. You said you've been trading for only two years, but I'm close to three. I guess you're winning since you accomplished this much faster than me.

Hats off!


CericHasbulla t1_j6cf2ay wrote

C'mon got the same just with coinbase 🙈


TrustM3EzMoney t1_j6cia2i wrote

A+ you still got 28k 50% left repeat same process odds of it hitting twice not in your favor is like 50%


Pemrocks t1_j6cvdzb wrote

Looks like it might be forming a w bottom so that’s something


GiantEarnings t1_j6d7pda wrote

Don't worry too much, you can go up to even within a couple of years


Memes_highperformer t1_j6d9sck wrote

Sounds like a solid strategy if it's only down 50%, better than most here.


dontcrywuss t1_j6dm68b wrote

This guy plays stocks like me


Skeleton-ear-face t1_j6du6m7 wrote

Give me the rest of your port and I will gladly lose the rest for you. I’m only down 173k from my peak from 2021z.


Effective_Newcomer t1_j6dy40p wrote

At least you have that cute rewards box icon...maybe you have a 10,- credit to help you


Actual_Platypus5160 t1_j6e3la9 wrote

How??? You can literally just do 4% scalps with that kind of money and make bank 😭


Efstratios7 t1_j6enjxv wrote

Balance: as all things should be


specialneedsjohn t1_j6ahsyz wrote

Pull out of that position, take the L and then invest in several normal shares of well known companys(just don't buy them overpriced). I am not quite knowledgeble about shorted stocks but the sqqq chart looked like depression. It looked like the wart that i have on my big toe. It looked like a burger with spit on it. It looked like when a horizontal line and a vertical line fucked and they had two kids, one of them was sqqq. You know they would hide that fucker in the basement.