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Pravoy_Levoyski t1_j6kmefz wrote

Nah, yolo investors don't watch it and most of them still lose money. Gotta be something else, like common sense maybe?


Jeff__Skilling t1_j6lcz6k wrote

> Gotta be something else, like common sense maybe?

Makes sense - they all tend to buy high and sell low.

Or any deSPAC that's +5 years away from generating any revenue. Bonus points if it's for a super nascent industry that has a fuck ton of red flags that they're conveniently ignoring (commercial psilocybin, uranium miners, lab based meat, brick-and-mortar shitco that should have gone out with Blockbuster, Circuit City, and Toys R Us, etc...)


eddie7000 t1_j6ltkl1 wrote

Basically anything that deserves to be shorted into extinction and is massively overcrowded on the short side.


curtlis t1_j6pegq4 wrote

Bots have so many algorithms there isn’t a good stock left they don’t over own and option. Just have to pick some dumb shit now


paulc19802 t1_j6l1ihv wrote

You can't inverse Cramer without Cramer.


maxx2w t1_j6klxfn wrote

What do you mean? Youre supposed to invert anything he says.


Enough_Interview_328 t1_j6kq7a7 wrote

You have a higher chance of winning the fucking powerball mega millions than making money listening to this skirted egg.

The seasoned investor knows to go with the inverse cramer etf for maximum gains 💪


fenriswulfwsb t1_j6kqw40 wrote

Ah Cramer, the master of telling you to buy the news to provide a steady supply of bagholders for his employers.


PurpleSausage77 t1_j6kn3eo wrote

Mad money don’t make money, but inverse mad money may make money. Cramer net worth $150M. He should post his positions.


cletus_ t1_j6kn2ro wrote

That bald dork is trying to get everyone to sell tonight. Kenny must really need the shares.


EmmaTheFemma94 t1_j6m0vb0 wrote

Isn't there an entire strategy that involves following mad money and doing the opposite?

I could be wrong here.


wealth4good t1_j6kzas5 wrote

Agree 100% - Do not listed to Kramerica or anyone else who's on Television. It's all an act, and Cramer's the head cheerleader.


Mysterious_Brief168 t1_j6l8ksk wrote

Lol, you can make money by doing the opposite of what he recommends 😆


Dmartinez8491 t1_j6lgkwa wrote

I mean just ignore social media and you'd probably do better than 90% of others. By social media I mean reddit, Twitter, TV, Instagram, Onlyfans, etc.


curtlis t1_j6perex wrote

Who is on only fans other than strippers? Honest question 🙋‍♂️


BraidRuner t1_j6lp9yg wrote

Changing the channel with a hammer. Quaint. The King used a Colt .45 ACP. I would use the remote control just saying.


aUrEbRiO t1_j6lpgkb wrote

Wrong. Gotta watch it to apply reverse kramer!


Bladyus7 t1_j6ma29z wrote

Or just buy CINE.L - Cineworld Group plc


HrnyGrl420 t1_j6mci0y wrote

I throw a bunch of stock tickers on the floor, set toys on top, and see which one my dog picks

Oh wise and mighty canine of the fates, illucidate the future by ur grace.

[gregorian chanting]


HighwayTerrorist t1_j6mhmec wrote

Why break a good indicator? InverseCramer prints! 😂


HoiPolloiAhloi t1_j6mj8dn wrote

Nothing to lose if you dont have money imgimgimg


Devil9304 t1_j6mozkp wrote

Very first and final step !!! Yippie Safe and Sound!!


South-Attorney-5209 t1_j6mqc2x wrote

I’ll listen on and off for additional commentary on earnings events. But this guy clearly is not a forecaster, he is just a narrator of ongoing events.

For example, oil will be up 220% and his stance will be “now is a good time to get in oil”. Like maybe a week ago it was…


deepuva t1_j6mytc9 wrote

Do this to the laptop/phone as well where WSB resides


thecryingkid t1_j6n1e1g wrote

Meme template rmembers me my school days


UncleSlippyFist t1_j6ng9tu wrote

I don't get the obsession with him from WSB. He's kinda popular among some boomer crowds, I guess, but he's really not that important. And his returns are probably gonna beat the average WSBer.


somedude_sleeping t1_j6lu0tl wrote

step 2 dont be a goober and risk it all on a meme stock