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Pure_Contact5891 t1_j9yxjv6 wrote

It is. Brianne Nadeau described it as a game of whack-a-mole with juvenile criminals. They know who they are, they arrest them repeatedly and they just keep on popping up committing more crimes.


Udolikecake t1_j9zqs34 wrote

Yeah, it’s really a very small minority committing the vast majority of crimes.

Boston did a great program in the 90s to solve this and it was wildly successful. Been done in many cities.

> In Boston, for example, which at the time had a population of roughly 556,180 people, approximately 1,500 individuals were identified as comprising 61 separate groups. This 0.3% of the population was responsible for 60% of the city's homicides.

This holds true in many cities. Like 1000 problem kids do 60-80% of all the killing. Targeting them and getting them off the streets does wonders. They focused all their resources into a few hot spots with these criminals and almost entirely eliminated youth gun violence.


ballsohaahd t1_ja02wwm wrote

That’s what’s so fucked it’s not hard to find those people and track them through all the crimes. I’m sure it’s not much higher numbers I’m Dc than 500-1000 people.

Just no one wants to do any fucking work. Just sit there responding to crimes and then letting them off is all that’s done.

Also they listen to criminals and their families more than victims.

Thats why in neighborhoods the kid was shot trying to steal cars, and another tried to rob a frickin grandma and the neighborhood basically beat his ass.

They shouldn’t have to do that shit and those neighborhoods are probably seeing more crime than better ones so they’re fed up.

We also should realize it’s wild for an NFL RB to be shot and just act like that’s a normal Occurrence.

32 nfl teams 32 cities amd only DC is where a running back gets ducking shot im a car jacking.

Is that person even in jail?! No chance.


Deep_Stick8786 t1_ja0a8as wrote

DC government has identified 200 or so high risk individuals responsible for what is claimed to be a very high proportion of crime. And then has done what with that list? I don’t know if anyone knows


ballsohaahd t1_ja0cbml wrote

Exactly it was probably deemed not equitable or ended up in the trash. Seems like there’s a huge culture of doing nothing in Dc govt / city


alg8tor t1_ja0lzcu wrote

The Wolfgang cohort crime study is a famous criminology study that examined the criminal behavior of a cohort of 10,000 males who were born in Philadelphia in 1945. The study was conducted by Marvin Wolfgang and his colleagues, and was published in the book "Delinquency in a Birth Cohort" in 1972.
The study followed the cohort from birth until age 18, and collected data on their criminal behavior, including arrests and convictions. The study found that a small percentage of the cohort was responsible for a disproportionate amount of the crimes committed during the study period. Specifically, just 6% of the cohort accounted for more than half of the arrests.
The study also found that the patterns of offending were stable over time, with persistent offenders being more likely to continue committing crimes as they got older. The study identified several risk factors for criminal behavior, including poverty, low academic achievement, and family disruption.
The Wolfgang cohort crime study was groundbreaking in its use of longitudinal data to examine the development of criminal behavior, and has been influential in the field of criminology. The study provided evidence for the concept of "chronic offenders" who are responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime, and highlighted the importance of early intervention to prevent the onset of delinquent behavior.


mwheele86 t1_j9z3qha wrote

I don’t understand this. If she knows this fact, which I’ve seen other people corroborate; why isn’t she pushing for the AG to make sure they are locked up for longer or the post arrest process is changed to ensure more certainty of convictions.


Pure_Contact5891 t1_j9zfdlh wrote

No need to have anybody corroborate it. I wasn't being facetious when I said she described it like a game of whack-a-mole. That's exactly what she said. It's on video.

This is a bit outside of my knowledgebase, but my understanding is that the AG doesn't operate under the Mayor or the Council, so it doesn't really matter what Nadeau's feelings are on this. The AG can do what they want. The MPD, the Mayor, the Council, they could all be pissed off about the offenders being put right back onto the street and the AG can continue on with their lax sentencing because they don't report to any of them.

Why would the AG do this? I'd gather it has to do with their Restorative Justice program and a long-term plan of rehabilitating the youth in lieu of putting them behind bars.


mwheele86 t1_j9zm61x wrote

My wording was a little confusing. I’ve seen other people corroborate that is the same people just doing the same shit over and over and getting released. So she clearly knows the problem. Our elected AG is responsible for juvenile punishment and I believe the council sets sentencing standards for both juveniles and adults.

Council is also responsible for funding priorities. People keep saying we need non police responses and other services for these kids, but we have them; a million different programs being funded inside and outside the school system targeted towards this. I’m sure those programs catch layers of these kids from getting worse, but I’m also sure there are certain ones that break through all the other efforts and IMO it’s ok to drop the hammer on them judicially.

I’m still in disbelief the girls who murdered that Uber driver are essentially going to serve 5-6 years based on when they age out of the juvenile system. I also think without more punitive measures people end up taking retribution / protection into their own hands like the dude who shot that 13 year old.

The one thing we need congress to help on is looking into the USAO which is responsible for prosecution of adults. It’s basically a black box we don’t get much accountability nor information on.


app_priori t1_j9zc8g4 wrote

Because these kids need more than punishment, they also need mentorship. Their parents aren't there; they have no adult figures to look up to, except criminals willing to exploit them because adult criminals know they can hire kids to do their dirty work as kids have a decent amount of legal immunity.


Ok_Culture_3621 t1_j9zs6fu wrote

Exactly. By the time a child gets to the point of being willing to threaten the life of a total stranger for their stuff, so much has already gone wrong I don’t think the threat of incarceration is going to matter much. And the frustrating thing is, we know what the roots of this are. We just don’t have the political will to address it.


ballsohaahd t1_ja038du wrote

The dc ag doesn’t really do shit. The us attorneys office for dc is responsible for prosecuting crimes in the city. Only the feckless DOJ oversees them. They can’t even get people for overthrowing the govt.


annang t1_ja052w4 wrote

The DC AG is responsible for all juvenile prosecutions, except when children are charged as if they were adults.