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mwheele86 t1_j9zm61x wrote

My wording was a little confusing. I’ve seen other people corroborate that is the same people just doing the same shit over and over and getting released. So she clearly knows the problem. Our elected AG is responsible for juvenile punishment and I believe the council sets sentencing standards for both juveniles and adults.

Council is also responsible for funding priorities. People keep saying we need non police responses and other services for these kids, but we have them; a million different programs being funded inside and outside the school system targeted towards this. I’m sure those programs catch layers of these kids from getting worse, but I’m also sure there are certain ones that break through all the other efforts and IMO it’s ok to drop the hammer on them judicially.

I’m still in disbelief the girls who murdered that Uber driver are essentially going to serve 5-6 years based on when they age out of the juvenile system. I also think without more punitive measures people end up taking retribution / protection into their own hands like the dude who shot that 13 year old.

The one thing we need congress to help on is looking into the USAO which is responsible for prosecution of adults. It’s basically a black box we don’t get much accountability nor information on.