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NorseTikiBar t1_jaedd8c wrote

Usually somewhere around a quarter to never, unfortunately.


giscard78 t1_jaekpzv wrote

they don’t come


Playful-Translator49 t1_jaegga2 wrote

Good luck with that. Also depends on the sign verification, then having an officer come and ticket the cars, then maybe towing them. By they time the permit has expired. It’s easier to just block the street


ekkidee t1_jaeo95m wrote

Forever, and not even then.


88138813 t1_jaerm5u wrote

Minimum 2 hours maximum they just don't come


muddyslug t1_jaex6f3 wrote

Unfortunately it's tricky to get the cars towed, even if you can get them ticketed. Same thing happened to me when I moved, and none of the towing companies would come for a "no parking" sign


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Useful apps for parking include ParkMobile for street parking and SpotHero for garage spaces.

Visiting a friend in the city? Ask them for a free visitor parking pass from any MPD station.

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BansheeLoveTriangle t1_jaeuc6v wrote

Don’t use one your building picks, try out various towing companies until you find one that kind of shows up soonish