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Oily_Messiah t1_j9r5zel wrote

I would check the Capitol Supermarket on 11th St NW. Dont remember if they're freshly made, but they are at least good, and the taco place next door is decent, for DC.


Rude-Menu-7435 t1_j9ra23y wrote

Megamart has a variety of corn tortillas in their refrigerated section. Unfortunately I am still searching for fresh flour tortillas.


indiedub t1_j9rgyab wrote

Avenue Supermarket on NH Ave


Dcdcdcdcdc51 t1_j9rjspa wrote

There is a small Hispanic bakery in Bowie that has some! Mi Pueblito Bakery.


veloharris t1_j9s6bix wrote

La Tejana, they don't sell their tortillas, but I have a feeling you'll appreciate their tortillas in the delicious breakfast tacos they make. Additionally I love the tortillas meat and foods used for their chilitos.


dirtypinksweatshirt t1_j9t9q8y wrote

Savemart Riverdale has a small bakery in the back of their store that sells freshly made, hot corn tortillas. I learned about it from a previous Reddit post and they’re great. Make sure to bring cash - I’m not sure if they take card. Savemart Riverdale (301) 699-5550


Tallanasty t1_j9taiyo wrote

I’ve tried buying tortillas at Latin markets but haven’t been impressed. Best I’ve had was by buying masa and a tortilla press and making them myself.


sunshowered t1_j9tbhbr wrote

Texan to Texan - buy a tortilla press and a bag of maseca. This also doesn’t answer your question, but do yourself a favor and head to the Rosalyn area for Tacos El Chilango—it’s a taco truck that doesn’t move in a small Mexican (as the truck’s name might suggest) enclave. Street-style tacos. Very tasty.