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indecisivewandering OP t1_j6zr7yz wrote

It's 0300, on a 5-7 ladder. I'm in the worse Carolina, I'll put it that way. I have looked into Charlotte, but it's much more of a car dependant place than the District, so it feels like a non-starter as someone who can't drive.


LuciusAurelian t1_j6zsdog wrote

If you get a roommate you can do it. You'll be skrimping and probably rent burdened, but you'll live.

What job series? Is there opportunity to jump onto a higher ladder after GS7?


indecisivewandering OP t1_j6zsx9l wrote

0304 iirc?... and I am not sure. I'd probably jump into another series if that would be possible without taking a huge pay cut, or try to contract if everything else fails.


The_4th_Little_Pig t1_j6zwm5u wrote

Just to let you know that’s a very irregular ladder, I was a 5 in DC five years ago and it was rough. Just be prepared to not be able to afford much, but if you can transition to a different ladder and series after your first year shoot for something that at least leads to a 12.


indecisivewandering OP t1_j6zxvay wrote

Interesting. I had always thought the more common ladders were on the lower end. The sad thing to me is I have been applying for all these 1302 roles in contracting thinking that 3 years of purchasing experience will do the trick.. apparently it doesnt if I lack knowledge of FERS shrug so I feel locked out of those more common ladders that go from 7-11/12.


The_4th_Little_Pig t1_j6zynfy wrote

Do you have a bachelors degree? I started with a 5/7/9/12


indecisivewandering OP t1_j6zzl5p wrote

I do, yes. Political Science. That is the thing, I keep getting denied because "lack of experience" or somesuch.. when I literally have on my resume "Purchasing Assistant, 3 years, 40h/wk".. getting a ladder like you mentioned would be awesome.


The_4th_Little_Pig t1_j700ruf wrote

If you recently graduated apply for pathways program jobs, if not get your year of experience and start applying for better jobs. If I could recommend something, look for someone who specializes in writing degrees for federal jobs and pay to have your resume made, that will help you a lot.


indecisivewandering OP t1_j702f4e wrote

I sadly graduated in 2020 over Rona, so hiring freeze + L + Uncertainty. I will look into getting my resume rewritten.. could very well be a good.. what,$80 well spent? If it means I can finally snag a GS7 I'd be a lot happier and comfortable moving.


solidrecommendations t1_j6zrzl9 wrote

The one thing you’ve got right is that you won’t need a car if you live in DC. And busses within DC are free beginning in July and I believe city residents will also get a $100/mo subsidy to use on Metrorail.

Still, a GS-7 is sort of the bare minimum I’d consider for DC (with roommates). You might need to look far outside of the district on a metro line to live a manageable lifestyle.


Wizardof1000Kings t1_j70b8qw wrote

You won't be able to afford living near the metro. You'd better figure out how you are going to get to it.