Submitted by _SyriusBlack t3_11afa0w in washingtondc

Hi everybody! I am currently based in DC and need to urgently rent a laptop next week for a few days. I have done a Google search, but the results primarily consist of B2B places, or require a minimum number of items/period of time.

Does anybody have any suggestions? I just need the laptop to attend some virtual meetings where I will need to share my screen, so it does not need to be too fancy.




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malenopark t1_j9rp9xg wrote

Just buy a cheap Chromebook. Best Buy or Target.


tonei t1_j9sdaad wrote

I borrowed a MacBook from Costco for three months last year 😂


KatzMwwow t1_j9ryzma wrote

You could get a non-resident DC Public Library card and borrow a laptop (at some locations, and likely stay on site).


app_priori t1_j9rqksl wrote

Get a used Thinkpad off eBay.


colewrus t1_j9s9sya wrote

Depending on what you need the laptop for you might be able to use the Library cimouters5


[deleted] t1_j9tnzyg wrote

What is your budget?


LanEvo7685 t1_j9ts0ek wrote

Depends on how powerful you need maybe you can just buy a cheap one off Facebook marketplace


thenewbasecamper t1_j9tdgvo wrote

I bought a Chromebook for $110 and it is perfectly fine if everything you want to do can be done through the browser


victoriapedia t1_j9wwvd4 wrote

When and for how long do you need it? I have around 15 spare old laptops, mostly PC and a few old macbooks


MCStarlight t1_j9sqdjx wrote

Libraries usually rent them out.