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naghallac t1_j9vhk4n wrote

Its not gonna fit with this vibe at all but the Winston's are arguably the most influential group to come out of DC.

They recorded the "Amen Break"


stos313 t1_j9vxeuc wrote

Oh wow I didn’t realize the Amen Break was from the district


Old_Distribution_235 t1_j9vmvu9 wrote

Hey, if you're adding the Amen Break, you should include Ashley's Roachclip (Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers) - another cornerstone-of-hip-hop breakbeat. Too bad there's no DC connection to the Funky Drummer break...


AlpenBass t1_j9vqck4 wrote

Duke Ellington. Without question the most influential musician/composer this city has ever produced. The only reason he would not be in this list is that he moved to New York to pursue his music career very, very early (before he was known outside of DC).


[deleted] t1_j9vyytf wrote

Thievery corporation


Sheikh_Yerbuti t1_j9wtokc wrote

I’m not sure why you’re excluding go-go, but I feel like a DC playlist should be mostly this and definitely some Chuck Brown. If you can spare some space in five hours of “punk, noise, experimental”… consider EU (Experience Unlimited). I feel like even people who don’t know go-go have heard Da Butt at some point in their lives.


Milazzo t1_j9yoesj wrote

Honestly, I would love just a whole playlist of DC Go-go. I fucking love Go-Go - I am the random ass white girl dancing horribly in the middle of the dance floor every time I am somewhere with a live band.


Blrfl t1_j9vt968 wrote

In no particular order other than alphabetical:

9353, Bad Brains, Dag Nasty, Frontier Theory, Government Issue, Half Japanese, High-Back Chairs, Jawbox, Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women, Slickee Boys, Trouble Funk

And, for your 70s listening pleasure: Peaches and Herb, Starland Vocal Band


IcyWillow1193 t1_j9w2j89 wrote

That's an impressive list, although Dag Nasty (the Green Day of DC) seems pretty second tier compared to all of the others you've mentioned.


Blrfl t1_j9wdlus wrote

I just enjoy 'em, I don't label 'em.


cousinstrange t1_ja4aawh wrote

Brian Baker oozes rockstar mediocrity.

On a positive note, can we get Beefeater and/or Marginal Man on this list?


ATroopOfDans OP t1_j9wfa6j wrote

Great list! Jawbox and Bad Brains are already on there but I’ll add the others!


rhefter t1_j9wfkwb wrote

Thievery Corporation and Goldlink are two I’d say need to be added.


202markb t1_j9vx8k6 wrote

I know this won’t fit your playlist but hands down the most widely known and enduring dc artists are Francis Scott Key and John Phillips Souza. I will go now.


CAP_312 t1_j9w5ndx wrote

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists


ATroopOfDans OP t1_j9wff5h wrote

Oh shit I thought they were from Rhode Island. Nice!


cousinstrange t1_j9vm3rk wrote

Before relocating to New York, two of the guys in Gang Gang Dance were in a DC band called The Cranium.

Edit/addendum: not on Spotify or any streaming that I'm aware of though


l3ct3ur t1_ja40ptv wrote

I remember these guys!! I saw them at least once but had no idea they were in Gang Gang Dance, thank you!


cousinstrange t1_ja44nh4 wrote

You're welcome! And dang I would've loved to see them (or Gang Gang Dance for that matter)


l3ct3ur t1_ja48zgd wrote

I’m sure I saw them open for Blonde Redhead and forgot the name of the band, but remembered the sound and something about kitchen appliances so this tracks


gigawhattt t1_j9w2xgq wrote

John Fahey


TheMostSarcastic t1_j9wljz7 wrote

Definitely my favorite artist from the area. Minor Threat, Duke, and Marvin Gaye are great but Fahey is transcendent.


PriorUpbeat5572 t1_j9wb02e wrote

Minor threat, fugazi. Henry Rollins era black flag. Magrudergrind.


ATroopOfDans OP t1_j9wf3mi wrote

Minor threat and fugazi already on there, I’ll add the others! Thanks!


derpycalculator t1_j9yaa7g wrote

Idk what your definition of trail blazer or pushing boundaries is but what about fugazi, girls against boys, or dismemberment plan?


absidy1 t1_j9w4l9g wrote

Rico Nasty needs to be on this list! She’s a dc native and her sound would fit well here.


insoul8 t1_j9wp3yc wrote

The Make Up / Weird War, Ted Leo, The Dismemberment Plan.


gnomeproject t1_j9x5fh6 wrote

Grey Matter, Go Go or just Junkyard's Sardines, Blackbyrds' Rock Creek Park


pm_me_good_usernames t1_j9xawrh wrote

Did you know "County Roads" was written in DC? Probably best not to include it, but it would be funny.


schwars1 t1_j9y2we0 wrote

Animals as Leaders


l3ct3ur t1_ja41w2x wrote

Autoclave Slant 6 Unrest Tsunami Priests Q and Not U The Messthetics


l3ct3ur t1_ja5t7xb wrote

dreamcastmoe, Kelela, Black Rave Culture


SomaSe7en t1_j9vwm7f wrote

Chillin’ by Wale


Vix_Cepblenull t1_j9wzq49 wrote

I would include some later Fugazi from Repeater, In On the Kill Taker, or Red Medicine since these show the evolution of the band beyond their punk/emo starting point with 13 Songs.


churchofnobody t1_j9xklvn wrote

I really like Laufey. She used to live in DC and recorded one of her albums while living here. A true pioneer driving today’s young folks towards modern jazz. She recently did some collaborations with the Philharmonic Orchestra as well.


gracilegrenadine t1_j9xmp5m wrote

i really like william duvall of alice in chains.


ticklecorn t1_j9yh21n wrote

Embrace was at the forefront of the Revolution Summer, and spawned a whole generation of post hardcore music.


drewskimoon t1_j9yig5x wrote

Don’t sleep on some Go-Go if the Winston’s are making the list. The definition of underground music. A regional sub-genre of live club music that most people outside of the DMV have heard but few could name.


Dare2no t1_j9yxuoy wrote

Eva Cassidy!!!


dc_co t1_j9z38lk wrote

DC adjacent but SOJA is from Arlington and O.A.R. is from Rockville.

Both are pretty big acts that have come from the area.


swashbuckling-away t1_j9zamfq wrote

Ekko Astral! Current punk band that’s been crushing


cousinstrange t1_ja4b76o wrote

Okay okay I'm not seeing them on the list. INTEGRAL addition is Trouble Funk, tracks like drop the bomb, let's get small, pump me up. Something! Anything!

Aside from that Beefeater and Marginal Man would be good additions.