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afrozenfyre t1_j9zaj0m wrote

The thing people miss with wifi extenders and mesh systems is you want them to have strong signal to each other - NOT positioned in the rooms you want signal in (because they will still have bad signal there). Ideally you want the extender/mesh point halfway between the source/router and the location you want to improve the signal.

In a townhouse, you want them aligned vertically with as little metal, glass, and plaster between them as possible.


Danomite44444 OP t1_j9zbot1 wrote

So if my router is in the front of the house and middle of my first floor halfway through my dining room the router signal dies, I put it in my dining room as close to halfway as possible. Your saying I should put it in an outlet that is closet to my stairs or beneath my front room where the router is, so instead of overlapping it would just boost it 1500 more sq Ft past the point it does now?


afrozenfyre t1_j9zcxsi wrote

Usually townhouses have issues with vertical signal because the antennas are optimized as a disc. If you have horizontal issues, then moving the router more central may help (if possible). And yes, usually hallways are good for repeaters as they are usually central. I'm not really following your layout though. Do you have plaster and lathe walls or any metal? They are pretty bad for signal penetration.