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keystonecapers t1_j73lp7o wrote

What makes you question if this is a legitimate message? They aren't asking you to click any links, aren't threatening to kick you off their service if you don't pay X amount now, etc. Seems to be what it appears, a notification of service disruption.


longhairdontclaire OP t1_j73z3oh wrote

I already get texts from Verizon about my account (like automatic payment received, etc) so I would’ve expected it to come from that number!


NeverGetaSpaceship t1_j74dtqr wrote

Not uncommon for email blasts (that go to everyone) to come from a different email address than account-specific messages


Difficult_Kitchen815 t1_j73psa8 wrote

My apartment building is on Verizon wifi and they also sent us an email like last week about service disruptions, it's legit


Formergr t1_j73xvcs wrote

Oh man we had issues all week with our Fios, submitted a ticket and everything, and no one let us know this was going in. Grrr.


Difficult_Kitchen815 t1_j73yph4 wrote

Mine just went out for an entire night and I thought I had bumped into the router but then I checked my apartment portal two days later and everyone had been complaining.

The email went out shortly after lol


ExtentConscious t1_j73sw82 wrote

Didn’t get the message just the crappy service. That explains it.


Formergr t1_j73xzqr wrote

Same here, would have been nice to know rather than restarting my router and modem about 10 times, swapping out switches to see if that was the issue, and starting to consider swapping out ethernet cables. Grrr.


Milazzo t1_j73s91n wrote

It's real - they were doing it in Old Town a couple weeks ago. Xfinity too, must be a system upgrade or something, but it was super annoying.


Acceptable-Store-813 t1_j742tw8 wrote

Yes, Xfinity just did this in Baltimore. 2 hours in the middle of the day...while working from home :)


gordonf23 t1_j76ulys wrote

Why would it even matter?


KinNortheast t1_j77m8ss wrote

Unplug your phone and put it in the microwave. You’ve been compromised


LumpyPumpkin21 t1_j782ufh wrote

So reliable that you may “experience disruptions,” but we’re not sure when…what poopsicles


ALexusOhHaiNyan t1_j75spay wrote

In Baltimore and got it last week. Now my internet is shit. Enjoy!


Hornerfan t1_j74b1x3 wrote

Maybe it means we're finally getting more widespread 5G Ultrawideband coverage.


erkaboka t1_j73lqsr wrote

I also received this. I also have no idea if it's legit.