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question_sunshine t1_j8dm78y wrote

Look, the Supreme Court straight up said it's not their job to prevent crime and somehow we as Americans just collectives said "oh, okay" instead of pushing our leaders to change the rules/training and maybe make it their job.


FIFA95_itsinthegame t1_j8do5wa wrote

The problem was ever expecting them to prevent crime in the first place. That has never been their purpose.

If firefighters in this country went around starting more fires than they put out, the rational response wouldn’t be more training/rules.


DeySeeMeRolling t1_j8e4qcq wrote

Bad analogy. It would be like fire trucks circling your neighborhood 10 times a day saying “just making sure there isn’t a fire”

I don’t want a cop hassling me on suspicion of me committing a crime. Maybe the Supreme Court is acknowledging that just like the fire trucks only responding after they get a call, maybe the police should be like that too.