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district_cleanups OP t1_j95s3p8 wrote

Next cleanup will be March 11th!

Meeting on the Rugby Field near the Tidal Basin at 11am!


ass_acoustics t1_j968crp wrote

Would love to come to this. Is the goal on this day to clean up the tidal basin area? Just saw on their website that they provide everything and all we need to do is show up, but i don't see any details of the 11th on their calendar.


Aristocrat4Life t1_j97y8dq wrote

How long do these usually go for?


district_cleanups OP t1_j9855y2 wrote

They vary, but 11-1ish is a pretty standard window. We like to end our cleanups with either a happy hour or some kind of social activity. We have a kickball and aren't afraid to...kick it.


spince t1_j95u2ts wrote

so. many. cigarette. butts.


SpicyMango92 t1_j95uh7x wrote

Used to say the same thing cleaning up parks in Alexandria 🫠


app_priori t1_j96a7mo wrote

We need more people to kick the habit.


spince t1_j96dtyh wrote

nothing like inhaling heated smoke through non biodegradable plastic fibers


SFLADC2 t1_j97bdjf wrote

Yeah U street is treated like shit, folks really got to be more considerate when going out


vkrishnan89 t1_j95t4ew wrote

A sincere thank you for your efforts.


keyjan t1_j95pymw wrote

Awesome! Thanks for all the work !


SpicyMango92 t1_j95ul4i wrote

This is awesome, thank you all!!! This has been an annual thing in our neighborhood in Alexandria, usually Saturday morning, with donuts and coffee


CriticalMongoose8215 t1_j9avldu wrote

It was a great time, I know my friend and I filled three bags! So many cigs and Chipotle bags.


Mocostreams t1_j9cidd3 wrote

Sending appreciation for the work you all do from the Maryland suburbs!


PikachuThug t1_j970d5j wrote

i’m glad someone is doing it cuz that ain’t me


[deleted] t1_j962ln7 wrote



district_cleanups OP t1_j964g80 wrote

How do you mean?


jcrankin22 t1_j9681hj wrote

They’re probably saying that we pay taxes and they should go towards keeping the city clean and not left to the citizens.