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vtsandtrooper t1_j76jak5 wrote

And people think Im a conspiracy theorist when i say theres a concerted and organized attempt to make DC look like its falling apart and everyone lives in fear. This is coming from the House GOP. They want to end all talk of 51st state for another generation, and they want home rule gone so they can make DC their taliban ideal city of laws. People need to wise up.


IcyWillow1193 t1_j76mnko wrote

>This is coming from the House GOP.

To be fair, it reeked of freshman or sophomore College Republican.


vtsandtrooper t1_j76s2fh wrote

follow money. Obviously its not a congressman posting on reddit. But ignoring that Heritage and GOP want to send this message on full blast everywhere, what makes people think they wouldnt have employees who they pay posting in reddit? They spend millions to do the same messaging on traditional media.

Theyve been caught doing this on FFX Underground btw

How do you think the whole transgender freakout started spreading in Virginia before the gubernatorial race? It started on reddit/ffx underground/nextdoor --- not from some massive media pay on tv.

They create the fake outrage, then they say, look at this outrage we have to stop this woke agenda things! Then they really get going on changing policy with the idea that the outrage that they manufactured is what the people want.

Is DC's crime up? Yea. Its not great, I wish the police would do more. Is it a crisis? No not really, its not some enormous spike that overrides all other facets of life in the city. But they want people to think we live in New Jack and buildings are on fire and the people hide indoors to avoid criminals.


IcyWillow1193 t1_j76wdeb wrote

I don't know how to tell you this, but there is no chance of DC statehood happening in our lifetimes. The GOP uses it as a useful strawman to rile the base up at zero cost, and the last time the Democrats had a meaningful chance to pass it they didn't, despite the obvious benefits. So there's no need for the kind of orchestrated conspiracy you're describing, but plenty of adults who never matured beyond adolescence who think they're "owning the libs" by bashing DC.


vtsandtrooper t1_j77kmfx wrote

Home rule is very much at risk, and the GOP has noticed a lot more 51st pressure becoming popular. If a super majority were to happen it would be passed. They want to begin to stop that momentum. Democrats keep playing checkers while the GOP plays 30 year games to overturn Roe and take over state houses.