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None- I just don’t live in a constant state of fear. I mean you may as well publish domestic violence cases too which most likely are more. That’s equally as important.


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When the donestic abuser is similarly let off with no punishment would that get you motivated on this issue?


xanadumuse t1_ja9lb3s wrote

The original parent post asked the same thing then deleted their comment. My response remains the same. People need to ask themselves when crime posts like this are productive. If it is to serve as awareness, multiple news outlets including the police auto text reports and even the Nextdoor app have this. If you sit and read crime posts all day you really need to get out and realize that there are people walking around, and just living life without being attacked. There’s a fine line between creating hysteria and just being aware. Lots of commenters on here are living in this state and I sincerely feel bad for them so yeah, posts like this don’t really help. Oh and where did you get that I’m not interested/concerned in crime ? By telling someone to get some air isn’t me implying that I don’t care about crime( I’ve been jumped before by six kids)but there are other things going on in the city. And by the way, I am directly involved in making small impacts in the world. I volunteer with aged out foster kids who might otherwise turn to a life of crime if it weren’t for mentors.


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People walk around fine!!!!

::::moments later::::

I got jumped by 6 kids I’m not complainin!!