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mr_grission t1_ja9ukqk wrote

Anecdotally Rocket Bar still seems to pack em in on the weekends any time I'm there. Always loved it because it does a great job satisfying a wide variety of people in my friend group. You've got the divey elements, but it's also a friendly atmosphere. They'll play sports on TV, but they also play good music. It's easy to meet new people if you want, or you can just hang out with your group and play shuffleboard in the back.


sixtysixlashes t1_ja9uuh0 wrote

Probably one of the two only places in DC with a shuffleboard in a bar.


posam t1_jaai7ac wrote

There’s at least three


sixtysixlashes t1_jaaiwrn wrote

Maybe even 10 per Yelp, given you’d go to all 10 or even half. Personally, I live in that place called NOVA and work near Gallery Place so only a few matter in my local.