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throws_rocks_at_cars t1_ja7scbm wrote

Nooo not in the architecturally unique post-industrial shingle revival style McDonald’s!!!


BigLeagueBanker69 t1_ja8h7b1 wrote

They could redevelop that place into such a cool lounge / nightclub / multi-floor bar / music venue. Always feels super ironic to me that Micky Ds has one of the nicest & largest spots in AdMo right on the top of the hill.


CaptainObvious110 t1_jaa99d5 wrote

They used to have family night on the second floor and it was awesome to go up there and play games. Now i dont even remember the last time I was upstairs at all.

I certainly agree that it's a really, really nice location.


swampoodler t1_ja97r0l wrote

That place is the gutter of the earth around 1am.

And I love it for that.

But this violence cannot stand.


joegant OP t1_ja7o7pw wrote

Yet Mayor and city council are no where to be found as this becomes a daily occurrence.


walkandtalkk t1_ja82qym wrote

If this is a daily occurrence, I'd say that's a problem with that McDonald's.


NorseTikiBar t1_ja814v2 wrote

Lol, starting the week off with crime post troll bullshit, huh?


debyrne t1_ja7x79h wrote

Lol settle down drama queen.

You want the mayor to walk around at night in a bat suit fighting crime??

You want her to give a statement by 9am about every crime in the city?

You’re coming off whiney and entitled. Put in the work or go about your business

Sideline politics and Reddit gripes about elected officials…. Really much much more useful than what city council does


shwanstopable t1_ja7zrab wrote

Weren’t there 4 deaths yesterday also or over the weekend by shooting? And yes I do want to see mayor bowser walking around in a bat suit lol is that an option?!


debyrne t1_ja80kcp wrote

Regardless… the point is the Reddit posts are just people’s way of sharing their complain

This story is 3 paragraphs doesn’t give a description of the suspect etc etc

The op just wants to complain about bowser. Which is warranted for tons of reasons. But I doubt she’ll check Reddit this am

Is the op’s intent to inform us of this crime problem we are all so unaware of?

It’s like me posting weather updates every 12 hours



tossawaynsfw9 t1_ja8j7ch wrote

>You’re coming off whiney and entitled. Put in the work or go about your business

Yeah because let's just continue to let criminal scum walk around!


debyrne t1_ja8juvi wrote

Well, that’s exactly the point complaining on Reddit doesn’t do anything to decrease crime, or hold officials accountable. There is no official dc complaint line on Reddit. The mayors office doesn’t accept Reddit comments…. it doesn’t do anything


bdifulvio t1_ja911rf wrote

Um, yes. I want the mayor fighting crime in a bat suit. Or at least hire someone to do it.


wandering_engineer t1_jabynxn wrote

Well it would be a hell of a lot more than she does now. Wish I could make $250,000/yr and yet not be expected to produce results. She's the one in charge, whatever happened to "the buck stops here"?


WayyyCleverer t1_ja90p8y wrote

I remember when somebody wanted their McD so bad they drove their car right through the front door!


robotnique t1_jaeo4fk wrote

I could've sworn this has happened twice to this location, but maybe I'm just remembering the same story across the years.


terpclout429 t1_ja9iixr wrote

Once I found 10 dollars on the ground outside that McDonalds and bought all my friends McChickens. Times were simpler then.


RainbowCrown71 t1_jaa50sz wrote

The one by the White House on 17th Street is becoming homeless zombieland. Very sketch. The White House office building (New Executive Office Building) that faced it even shut down that entrance since there were homeless sleeping on benches all on that block.


BansheeLoveTriangle t1_ja90ttu wrote

Well if they shut the one down in China town they were going to have to go somewhere!


sixtysixlashes t1_ja9gxf0 wrote

There’s no Chinatown. It’s just a strip with one archway, string of restaurants and sprinkle of shops. All complimented with businesses that are adorned with Chinese characters of the business name. Supporting reference here since I’m tying on my mobile. The area is pretty much run down with most of the restaurants and retailers either relocated or shut down because of the pandemic. Another factor is the ridiculously high leases the developers and landlords ask.


mr_grission t1_ja9q5gf wrote

Honestly I thought it was dying but a lot of new stuff is opening there too. 90 Second Pizza, Taco Bell Cantina, Chick-fil-A, some new eSports center attached to the arena, the Guy Fieri restaurant, Tom's Watch Bar, etc


sixtysixlashes t1_ja9rds3 wrote

Hope Rocket Bar stays for a while. Believe it’s the only dive bar left in the area. Been interested in Howl at the Moon and will have to try a night out there. Oddly, I miss Hooters. Never stepped in one, but it was one of those quirky places that gave the area character. Now it’s got the homeless and such.


mr_grission t1_ja9ukqk wrote

Anecdotally Rocket Bar still seems to pack em in on the weekends any time I'm there. Always loved it because it does a great job satisfying a wide variety of people in my friend group. You've got the divey elements, but it's also a friendly atmosphere. They'll play sports on TV, but they also play good music. It's easy to meet new people if you want, or you can just hang out with your group and play shuffleboard in the back.


sixtysixlashes t1_ja9uuh0 wrote

Probably one of the two only places in DC with a shuffleboard in a bar.


posam t1_jaai7ac wrote

There’s at least three


sixtysixlashes t1_jaaiwrn wrote

Maybe even 10 per Yelp, given you’d go to all 10 or even half. Personally, I live in that place called NOVA and work near Gallery Place so only a few matter in my local.


CaptainObvious110 t1_jaa8vlz wrote

It's so sad to see that place go downhill the way it has over the years. I can remember when there was the ducks hanging in the windows right on 7th street. This would have been in the early 1990's.

Also, this before they built the MCI center and there was a pet shop across the street from it on 7th st as well.

I wish that it was a real Chinatown and not somewhere known for constant drama. I believe there is a methodone clinic nearby and that might be a reason for the concentration of crazies that are constantly over there.

That issue would be greatly alleviated if not fixed completely if St Elizabeths was upgraded to the point where it could house on a permanent basis those that are mentally disabled to the point where they need to be properly monitored and cared for.


sixtysixlashes t1_jaa950a wrote

Don’t tell me you used to have an EarthLink email account!?!


CaptainObvious110 t1_jaalttl wrote



sixtysixlashes t1_jaam00s wrote

If you wrote AOL I’d be impressed… just a wee bit.


CaptainObvious110 t1_jaam638 wrote

Um, my aunt had an account with them but not me.


sixtysixlashes t1_jaamy8k wrote

If you can name the nightclub that was around the corner of the McDonald’s on Columbia Road on the west side heading towards Kalorama in the 80s to 90s I owe you a few rounds over shuffleboard at Rocket Bar.


pro-laps t1_ja986xg wrote

someone needs to publish a series of short stories from fast food workers in this city


squuidlees t1_jab5lf1 wrote

Would it be called “The Fast Food Worker’s Manifesto?” From seeing videos of fast food workers (in general) KO idiots who go behind the counter, throw shit, and etc has to be building up some insane internal rage.


Real_Stelio_Kontos t1_ja7q8kj wrote

Thought the fast food fried chicken craze was over


NPRjunkieDC t1_ja8xx0u wrote

I recently had the Popeye's and the ChikfilA chicken sandwich for the first time. OMG.

If I carried a gun, I might have killed for one of those


sirchaddm t1_jacm8r3 wrote

Man it’s always great to see uppity folks who gentrify a neighborhood then complain about the over priced POS they bought in the middle of the hood… just cause you live across the street now Karen doesn’t mean the anything lol … I guess you all all will replace the McDonald’s with a Starbucks or a gluten free dairy free nut free purple haired waitress place and all will be right with the world lmao


Selkers t1_jaa6sbw wrote

Damnit, just bought lunch from there last week. Didn’t eat inside though, reeked of urine.


campionesidd t1_ja9n6ol wrote

I’ve been to this one a few years ago. Overheard a man on an unhinged racist rant on the phone. Noped the fuck outta there and never went back.


xanadumuse t1_ja839gf wrote

Go outside and get some Vitamin D please.


asldkjgljkaeiovne t1_ja92p8i wrote

What does that even mean here? Person posted a story about a stabbing in a DC McDonald's and your take is that OP is vitamin D deficient? In my experience with this phrase, the ratio of appropriate/applicable use vs misapplied or incredibly reaching and assumptive use is about 1 to 50, so at least you're not unique!


swampoodler t1_ja9iwa4 wrote

No, you.


xanadumuse t1_ja9l798 wrote

I did and I didn’t get mugged!


swampoodler t1_jaa794m wrote

”That’s just part of life in a city.”


xanadumuse t1_jaa7fes wrote

Nope. I hate it when people say that. But I’m not allowing fear to cloud my love of the city.


[deleted] t1_ja8tvkf wrote



xanadumuse t1_ja8w70v wrote

None- I just don’t live in a constant state of fear. I mean you may as well publish domestic violence cases too which most likely are more. That’s equally as important.


Deanocracy t1_ja9i4f6 wrote

When the donestic abuser is similarly let off with no punishment would that get you motivated on this issue?


xanadumuse t1_ja9lb3s wrote

The original parent post asked the same thing then deleted their comment. My response remains the same. People need to ask themselves when crime posts like this are productive. If it is to serve as awareness, multiple news outlets including the police auto text reports and even the Nextdoor app have this. If you sit and read crime posts all day you really need to get out and realize that there are people walking around, and just living life without being attacked. There’s a fine line between creating hysteria and just being aware. Lots of commenters on here are living in this state and I sincerely feel bad for them so yeah, posts like this don’t really help. Oh and where did you get that I’m not interested/concerned in crime ? By telling someone to get some air isn’t me implying that I don’t care about crime( I’ve been jumped before by six kids)but there are other things going on in the city. And by the way, I am directly involved in making small impacts in the world. I volunteer with aged out foster kids who might otherwise turn to a life of crime if it weren’t for mentors.


Deanocracy t1_ja9olj4 wrote

People walk around fine!!!!

::::moments later::::

I got jumped by 6 kids I’m not complainin!!