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BobLoblaw420 t1_j9gh9e8 wrote

It truly shows how easily manipulated these people are.

Just because Fox News tells them to they go out and try to disrupt these events they probably didn't even care about a year ago.

Funny thing is most of these guys spend as much time and effort buying clothes and dressing up like the military as the queens do getting ready.


dcux t1_j9hhvvj wrote

There's a particularly foul individual spurring this on,

Her name is Chaya Raichik, and she is a stochastic terrorist.

>After analyzing Libs of TikTok's online activity in April 2022 through November 2022, a counter-extremism research group called Task Force Butler Institute estimated Raichik singled out a specific event, location or person over 280 times, resulting in 66 incidents of harassment or threats against her targets.

edit: She called out these events specifically, as well.


johnbrownbody t1_j9h0mdk wrote

>It truly shows how easily manipulated these people are.

I mean a few years ago these guys would be attending other right wing rallies and brownshirting there.


DfcukinLite t1_j9ivqow wrote

Heavy on the playing dress up and make believe. Our inner child never grows up it seems…


glopmod t1_j9jtf53 wrote

It is also license.


Right wing media person bitches about something unimportant, other media personalities have to do it too or the culture war isn't enforced. Some people who never thought about it are mad for the first time, people who always disliked it but never saw a weakness in the social approach to an issue now see a place they can attack and do.


My boss is a DC media personality. I assure you he only complains about these events because other right wing personalities did first, and he never thought about it before despite knowing they existed. He created nothing. Others here did create the fake outrage, making real outrage, and their viewers have been angry but quiet. Neither group is good.