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Last weekend, the Proud Boys "protested" at Loyalty Books in Silver Spring. Their form of "protest" showcases anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, hate speech, and frequently turns violent, as was the case last weekend.

Per @ dchomos twitteraccount, the venues for similar events this weekend are asking for community support. If you believe that hate has no place in our communities, and are able to attend, please bring an umbrella (preferably a colorful one) to help form a barrier so that the storytime participants won't be bothered by having to look at the angry Proud Boys.

This weekend's events:

  • Crazy Aunt Helen's, 713 8th Street SE, Satuday 2/25, 9:30 AM
  • Olney Public Library on Sunday 2/26 10:30 AM

Thanks for considering!



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BobLoblaw420 t1_j9gh9e8 wrote

It truly shows how easily manipulated these people are.

Just because Fox News tells them to they go out and try to disrupt these events they probably didn't even care about a year ago.

Funny thing is most of these guys spend as much time and effort buying clothes and dressing up like the military as the queens do getting ready.


dcux t1_j9hhvvj wrote

There's a particularly foul individual spurring this on,

Her name is Chaya Raichik, and she is a stochastic terrorist.

>After analyzing Libs of TikTok's online activity in April 2022 through November 2022, a counter-extremism research group called Task Force Butler Institute estimated Raichik singled out a specific event, location or person over 280 times, resulting in 66 incidents of harassment or threats against her targets.

edit: She called out these events specifically, as well.


johnbrownbody t1_j9h0mdk wrote

>It truly shows how easily manipulated these people are.

I mean a few years ago these guys would be attending other right wing rallies and brownshirting there.


DfcukinLite t1_j9ivqow wrote

Heavy on the playing dress up and make believe. Our inner child never grows up it seems…


glopmod t1_j9jtf53 wrote

It is also license.


Right wing media person bitches about something unimportant, other media personalities have to do it too or the culture war isn't enforced. Some people who never thought about it are mad for the first time, people who always disliked it but never saw a weakness in the social approach to an issue now see a place they can attack and do.


My boss is a DC media personality. I assure you he only complains about these events because other right wing personalities did first, and he never thought about it before despite knowing they existed. He created nothing. Others here did create the fake outrage, making real outrage, and their viewers have been angry but quiet. Neither group is good.


keyjan t1_j9gkhtx wrote

Post also in r/montgomerycountymd ?

May have to go over to Olney and see if I know any of the queens. 😊


RhubarbSkein t1_j9hphex wrote

Olney is being partially sponsored by the Theater with their production of Kinky Boots


glopmod t1_j9jtzw5 wrote

Right wingers are so fucking inept and incapable of research they think Kinky Boots is new and porn


MediumPotato t1_j9jq0cm wrote

Please do. I'm especially worried about the Olney event.


JeffOnThePlains t1_j9gu7a2 wrote

If you have a multi-colored umbrella, those can be helpful to bring as they make it easier to block out the fascists.


floppydisk1995 t1_j9hdiu0 wrote

How big of a fucking loser do you have to be to protest a drag show


dcux t1_j9hi1rj wrote

It's not even a drag show. It's a drag queen, dressed conservatively, reading storybooks to children.


HisXlency t1_j9i3huq wrote

As bizarre as this, I don’t fully understand the concept but knowing representation matters especially to vulnerable youth I stand by them and will defend their right to do this.


DefibrillatorKink t1_j9in2qg wrote

It's not bizarre, it's genuinely tiring. Just constant misinformation being spread by a cult of people who switch their outrage every month. There is no consistency, just groupthink. It's a pure misinformation campaign designed to "redpill" the idiots who believe this stuff. I went through this phase when I was 15 lmfao, a lot of these weirdos are MIDDLE AGE.


Eurynom0s t1_j9izk7d wrote

That said, "I don't get it but more power to you" is a pretty good baseline attitude to be shooting to get established in society in general.


DfcukinLite t1_j9ivx1j wrote

A children’s story time at a book store no less.


NRA_National_Retards t1_j9hhx09 wrote

The Proud Boys are a terrorist organization, they should be dealt with as such


MediumPotato t1_j9gv0jd wrote

What's the best way to link up with the parasol folks if we attend one? Just want to make sure I know where/when/how to help out as best we can?


MoreCleverUserName OP t1_j9h0vyc wrote

Just show up! It’s easy to identify who’s “in charge” once you get there.


ekkidee t1_j9gyk88 wrote

Fuck the Hate Boys.


Whornz4 t1_j9hr8j8 wrote

I'll be there holding the "if you think gender isn't real wait until you hear about fairy tales of white dudes walking on water 2000 years ago" sign.


twenty-six-sixty-six t1_j9hyj9l wrote

was jesus white though? i feel like the term "white" as we use it is specific to the US


born_to_kvetch t1_j9k279l wrote

You’re surprised at the guy’s race but not the physics-defying act of walking on water?


twenty-six-sixty-six t1_j9k4dp4 wrote

jesus is actually depicted as walking on water, so it's correct to point that out, but he's not depicted as belonging to an anachronistic racial category, so I thought it was worth correcting that point

I think walking on water is best seen as a very effective literary device, rather than a literal description of an event that took place

also walking on water isn't necessarily physics-defying, for example certain insects do it, as in the notorious W. B. Yeats poem -- and if it gets cold enough it's a pretty ordinary thing to do


Whornz4 t1_j9k47gt wrote

Jesus isn't anything like the people who claim he existed. If he did exist he was certainly brown skinned. He would never support guns and would be against whatever twisted modern cause people believe he would support. He would be against the church and its leaders. If he did exist and came back today as people claim those same people would reject him. Lol.

The point being these anti trans people are almost always devout religious people who believe in fairy tales. Meanwhile they reject people's reality. So my job is to point out the irony in their shitty fake beliefs. And sorry to call it fake or fairy tales, I like to use the language of Trump sometimes. Always hilarious to see them lose their shit when his exact words are used to describe them.


twenty-six-sixty-six t1_j9ko68s wrote

you seem deeply invested in the currently trendy cultural/political issues

idk what jesus would do if he was around today, but i'm pretty sure both sides would crucify him -- that's pretty much his defining feature


jolygoestoschool t1_j9h34w5 wrote

Are they coming here from out of state, or are there proud boys living here?


6FeetBeneathTheMoon t1_j9h5od2 wrote

Probably coming from Hagerstown or something.


crack_spirit_animal t1_j9hf7db wrote

would not count out VA, I stumbled across some patriot front stickers in Stafford over the weekend.


altf2junkie t1_j9lilik wrote

Not surprised, it's all ex-military folks down there


crack_spirit_animal t1_j9lyk9m wrote

Firstly, it's not all veterans.

Second to assign that kind of behavior to the entire veteran population, thus seeing them as a monolith is both incorrect and says more about you than it does anyone else.

Sure there's plenty of shit heads in that community but there's just as many if not more who never enlist.


altf2junkie t1_j9m4xb5 wrote

Fam, I grew up near there. I'm quite familiar with them.


enragedpoultry t1_j9jdl6a wrote

They’re in North Virginia. I ran into a large group of them in a Bloomingdale’s in Tysons Corner a few years ago. But I would not count DC out as well.


grizzly_guz t1_j9jwq0h wrote

One of the bigger PB groups is based in Fredericksburg/south of NOVA and tend to crawl out of the woodwork every once and a while.


kallie412 t1_j9imkwz wrote

Can’t they just be angry in their parents basement? What purpose does this even serve?

  Just a tip, since you’ll be shielding behind umbrellas, you’ll need eyes on the crowd somehow in case they get violent. That would be awful and any way to prevent that is for the best. Good luck out there!!


glopmod t1_j9ju8qj wrote

It serves to make money for media personalities who need these stories to continue a culture war that benefits rich assholes


Merujo t1_j9iv33a wrote

Anagrams for Proud Boys:

Pus by door, Droopy sub, Broody pus, Boy or spud...


Blakesdad02 t1_j9jbv5p wrote

Count me in for Sunday !


Waste_Ad6404 t1_j9hz4o5 wrote

Out of towners visiting our city. The Christian thing to do is for each and every one of us to pick one of our guests to walk back to their car.


ProPhysioDC t1_j9jp772 wrote

So I watched the documentary: “This Place Rules” and there’s this MAGA/Q bonehead going on and on with “All Democrats are pedofiles, bla bla bla” and then…this happens. 😳

TBH, I wasn’t surprised, but my jaw dropped all the same. Normal people don’t obsess about pedophilia.

This shit has gotten really sick. I really hope to be there to help shield the kids from this nonsense.

Put construction paper blocking the windows so the kids don’t see what goes on that day.


lucasbelite t1_j9kzunr wrote

Psychological projection. When people have internal conflicts they tend to think everybody is experiencing it or doing it. So they perceive it as a large problem and obsess about it. Because they can't fathom that other people and society at large don't have those urges.

Very often people who cheat become very controlling and jealous because they project their infidelity onto their partner and can't fathom that their partner is simply uninterested in doing the same. Or super religious fundamentalists can't fathom how you can be a good person if you don't have Jesus in your heart. They can't imagine a world where other people don't have the same skeletons in their closet.

And then they start falling into attribution bias. The reason "I" have those feelings is because children are sexualized because the liberal agenda. The reason why "they" have those feelings is because they don't believe in God. And they create a framework that works for them and reconciles their dissonance. So then anybody who is a liberal and doesn't pray everyday is a pedophile.


ProPhysioDC t1_j9l7xqv wrote

Callahan asks the registered pedofile if he knows what projection means. The guy starts using threatening language then walks off camera.

Why this clip didn’t go viral is beyond me.

And these pervs are coming to D.C. to protest LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 reading children fun books?

I just can’t with these MFs anymore.


TitzKarlton t1_j9hqstg wrote

The PB’s consider themselves patriots. Why don’t people show up with signs that say “PB’s hate the USA” or would that incite those incels?


JaapHoop t1_j9l5869 wrote

I honestly thought drag story hour was just a made up thing by the right


glopmod t1_j9jsyju wrote

If we got rid of them no one would miss them


WildcatBitches t1_j9m725b wrote

Sounds like it's time to break out the ol' piss (water)balloons


revbfc t1_ja2hkiy wrote

I’m getting pretty sick of the police coddling criminal organizations like the Proud Boys. “Oh, they have free speech!” Yeah, but crime isn’t protected speech, so do your job.


[deleted] t1_j9jygmo wrote

If it’s at a library, is that not government property? And don’t they need a permit to protest on government property? And without said permit, they’re trespassing and should be locked up, but pretty sure the MoCo police won’t do anything.


[deleted] t1_j9jun7f wrote



MoreCleverUserName OP t1_j9jvmq4 wrote

If you find drag Queen events inappropriate for children, I suggest not taking your kids there, and also minding your own fucking business.


EsteTre t1_j9jh8lh wrote

You can’t win. Showing up to stop them is also what they want.


drastician t1_j9jxbr0 wrote

Time for a fundraiser! Get people to pledge x amount of dollars for how many of them show up and how long they stay.


Pissed_Off_SPC t1_j9kt4yx wrote

They want to create a spectacle and a headache for the venue and the community in hopes of stopping events like this. It's already happening in Florida and South Carolina.

Negotiation with terrorists is a bad policy and encourages them to continue their bullying even if it happens to make them stop in the near term.