Submitted by ortsed t3_11eenub in washingtondc

I always assumed that place was a mess but never got to experience it firsthand. A couple smoking blunts inside, prostitute transaction in the bathroom. Only 2 tables in the whole place for reasons I can only imagine.



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giscard78 t1_jadlxb4 wrote

> New York Avenue

13th/New York NW, 1st/New York NE, or Bladensburg/New York NE?


ortsed OP t1_jadm4g5 wrote

75 New York Ave NE Washington, DC 20002


EastoftheCap t1_jae2d1a wrote

McPharmacy! There's no reason to ever go near that place.


pomegranatecloud t1_jadzleq wrote

Sounds pretty tame tbh. Did you ever have the pleasure of experiencing the Chinatown one?


GuiltyAmoeba t1_jaegk7x wrote

Dude was doing lines of coke and someone else smoking a joint in the Popeyes on Columbia Rd NW lol


tehruben t1_jaeibkf wrote

Many years (decades) ago I had gone to see Armin Van Buuren at Fur and showed up there at 430am trying to get some food before heading home. Security refused to let us inside. Not sure what they were trying to stop, as the inside already looked like an absolute zoo. People dancing, others fighting, everyone smoking.


Smarkie t1_jae7dhj wrote

I've lived in DC a long time. I remember the McDonalds that was at 14th and K St. That's when 14th St. was the busiest red light district. It was a trip.


Josh_r4457 t1_jaejg99 wrote

Isn’t that right across from ATF?


foreverurgirl t1_jaek5u8 wrote

Any drive through in dc is five stars.