Submitted by 2nicool4u t3_11cxvuw in washingtondc

I am new to the area and want start playing DnD again. Does anyone know where to find such a group? I checked Labyrinth's website and they're registration is full for their adult events.



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beetnemesis t1_ja5utvi wrote

Labyrinth also has/had a bulletin board where people advertise games. There have also been a handful of posts on this sub regarding RPGs, I suggest doing a few searches and DMing the people in those threads


shogzilla t1_ja5wngp wrote

Feel free to PM me; I host a group on Tuesday nights, and we just lost someone to a Chicago move. Happy to see if you're compatible with the group.


Lionel_Hutz_93 t1_ja6dw6o wrote

Never played before but think I’d be interested in joining one.