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pro-laps t1_jaaoyyf wrote

Am I wrong or has there been like 5+ shootings/carjackings in this city everyday recently


iidesune t1_jaavwg3 wrote

There were 4 homicides on Sunday. It seems like there's been an increase in the frequency of carjackings lately. Though I don't have access to all the data.

What is clear, however, is that criminals perceive a total lack of serious consequences. As a result, I think carjackers see little risk in committing these carjackings. Especially for juveniles.


10tonheadofwetsand t1_jab43py wrote

Yep. They’re all kids.

They get a slap on the wrist, if anything.


tossawaynsfw9 t1_jabjfgq wrote

I'm just a little confused like what the fuck is going on? Who are they preying on? Is there a specific type of vehicle they go after? Are they targeting specific races?


JaapHoop t1_jabqie0 wrote

I read Hyundais and Kias are being targeted but I have no idea why


Deep_Stick8786 t1_jacdwuw wrote

Carjackings are generally a crime of opportunity. A small crew will drive around in usually a stolen car and spot someone say dropping off a delivery. Or getting into their car outside of a building and just pop out. Or they’ll hang around a gas station. But mostly its people getting into or out of cars being approached by 2 armed people People take valuable, common cars. Recycle them for drive bys, chop em up or just ditch them later. Hyundais and kias were singled out for theft since they were easy to steal after a tiktok challenge went viral


basic_chai_bhai t1_jacq8nv wrote

That's for theft of unattended vehicles. There are particular models of Kia and Hyundai vehicles that were sold without an immobilizer, which makes them much easier to steal than the average vehicle.


PM_ME_BOOTYPICS_ t1_jadwlpx wrote

Car noob here. What’s an immobilizer?


basic_chai_bhai t1_jady4wu wrote

Start at 4:30. Great explanation of what an immobilizer does and why Kias are targeted.

Essentially it's a system that detects that your car key is close to the ignition of your car. So that you can't turn your car on unless the key is nearby. Kia skipped out on installing these. So, if you can physically turn the ignition, you've got yourself a new stolen car.


tossawaynsfw9 t1_jabr3zy wrote

Okay it makes sense now. Low trim Hyundai and Kias from the earlier model years don't have an immobilizer. There's a trick where if you use a metal object (usually usb cords are used) you can override the ignition and get the car to start.

This 'trick' spread onto tiktok and of course now there's going to be lots of dumbass kids trying it out.

If Kia and Hyundai would just recall the models affected and fix the issue, then we'd probably see the carjacking/car theft rates decrease by 90%


Deanocracy t1_jac534v wrote

This is the second time you are being told that carjacking is not associated with Kia and Hyundai ignitions.

Carjacking is a violent crime where you are forced to give someone your car.


KenyaviousJames t1_jacbdz0 wrote

You're clearly talking to one of those people who in real life are too eager to say the thing they want to say that they are dying for you to finish your sentence and didn't hear a word you just said.


tossawaynsfw9 t1_jad1o75 wrote

Huh? Read what I wrote. It was a simple response to how they mentioned kias and Hyundai's being targeted


tossawaynsfw9 t1_jad1i5j wrote

This person literally said HYUNDAI AND KIAS


Deanocracy t1_jadi338 wrote

This is now the THIRD TIME someone is explaining to you that when someone is CARJACKED they are present and forced to give keys to the carjacker which makes the ignition issue irrelevant for CARJACKINGS


tossawaynsfw9 t1_jadigwo wrote

Why are you shilling so hard for hyundai and kia lol relax


35chambers t1_jabab1k wrote

homicides dropped in 2022 so unless you mean criminals decided this very recently


lonterth t1_jabhdb2 wrote

Homicides dropped in 2022 after there was a huge increase in 2020 and 2021 though. You have to go back to 2003 before any year had more homicides than 2022 (other than 2021).

Year to date, DC has had 35 homicides, compared to 25 from this time last year. I'm not sure this supports your assertion. Last year may not have been a change in trend either, unfortunately. Time will tell


35chambers t1_jacq61p wrote

crime everywhere increased during the pandemic, you can’t use that complain about policies specific to dc


lonterth t1_jadehim wrote

Yes, you can, and you should. The fact that homicides increased in other cities (a lot, but not all!) doesn't make it OK for it to happen in any given city. Crime is always local, and local policies affect it. Stop apologizing for murderers.


35chambers t1_jadi2qm wrote

Are you claiming that a nationwide crime increase was caused by local policies?


lonterth t1_jadk9oc wrote

No. I am saying that national trends still don't excuse bad local policies.


35chambers t1_jadlrlx wrote

So then how are you substantiating the local policies being bad?


ClusterFugazi t1_jaawy0x wrote

Remember, “it’s not as bad the 90’s.”


lonterth t1_jabhhrq wrote

DC summers are not as hot as the sun either.


RepresentativeOk6588 t1_jac7u5m wrote

the biggest trope of all, we should send the people who say that back to the 90's in a time machine, utterly absurd. The DC public schools shut down during the pandemic and this is, in part, the result


Ninjroid t1_jac2j44 wrote

It’s been really mild weather. Usually the colder temps keep the violence at bay a bit in the winter.