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pro-laps t1_jaaoyyf wrote

Am I wrong or has there been like 5+ shootings/carjackings in this city everyday recently


iidesune t1_jaavwg3 wrote

There were 4 homicides on Sunday. It seems like there's been an increase in the frequency of carjackings lately. Though I don't have access to all the data.

What is clear, however, is that criminals perceive a total lack of serious consequences. As a result, I think carjackers see little risk in committing these carjackings. Especially for juveniles.


10tonheadofwetsand t1_jab43py wrote

Yep. They’re all kids.

They get a slap on the wrist, if anything.


tossawaynsfw9 t1_jabjfgq wrote

I'm just a little confused like what the fuck is going on? Who are they preying on? Is there a specific type of vehicle they go after? Are they targeting specific races?


JaapHoop t1_jabqie0 wrote

I read Hyundais and Kias are being targeted but I have no idea why


Deep_Stick8786 t1_jacdwuw wrote

Carjackings are generally a crime of opportunity. A small crew will drive around in usually a stolen car and spot someone say dropping off a delivery. Or getting into their car outside of a building and just pop out. Or they’ll hang around a gas station. But mostly its people getting into or out of cars being approached by 2 armed people People take valuable, common cars. Recycle them for drive bys, chop em up or just ditch them later. Hyundais and kias were singled out for theft since they were easy to steal after a tiktok challenge went viral


basic_chai_bhai t1_jacq8nv wrote

That's for theft of unattended vehicles. There are particular models of Kia and Hyundai vehicles that were sold without an immobilizer, which makes them much easier to steal than the average vehicle.


PM_ME_BOOTYPICS_ t1_jadwlpx wrote

Car noob here. What’s an immobilizer?


basic_chai_bhai t1_jady4wu wrote

Start at 4:30. Great explanation of what an immobilizer does and why Kias are targeted.

Essentially it's a system that detects that your car key is close to the ignition of your car. So that you can't turn your car on unless the key is nearby. Kia skipped out on installing these. So, if you can physically turn the ignition, you've got yourself a new stolen car.


tossawaynsfw9 t1_jabr3zy wrote

Okay it makes sense now. Low trim Hyundai and Kias from the earlier model years don't have an immobilizer. There's a trick where if you use a metal object (usually usb cords are used) you can override the ignition and get the car to start.

This 'trick' spread onto tiktok and of course now there's going to be lots of dumbass kids trying it out.

If Kia and Hyundai would just recall the models affected and fix the issue, then we'd probably see the carjacking/car theft rates decrease by 90%


Deanocracy t1_jac534v wrote

This is the second time you are being told that carjacking is not associated with Kia and Hyundai ignitions.

Carjacking is a violent crime where you are forced to give someone your car.


KenyaviousJames t1_jacbdz0 wrote

You're clearly talking to one of those people who in real life are too eager to say the thing they want to say that they are dying for you to finish your sentence and didn't hear a word you just said.


tossawaynsfw9 t1_jad1o75 wrote

Huh? Read what I wrote. It was a simple response to how they mentioned kias and Hyundai's being targeted


tossawaynsfw9 t1_jad1i5j wrote

This person literally said HYUNDAI AND KIAS


Deanocracy t1_jadi338 wrote

This is now the THIRD TIME someone is explaining to you that when someone is CARJACKED they are present and forced to give keys to the carjacker which makes the ignition issue irrelevant for CARJACKINGS


tossawaynsfw9 t1_jadigwo wrote

Why are you shilling so hard for hyundai and kia lol relax


35chambers t1_jabab1k wrote

homicides dropped in 2022 so unless you mean criminals decided this very recently


lonterth t1_jabhdb2 wrote

Homicides dropped in 2022 after there was a huge increase in 2020 and 2021 though. You have to go back to 2003 before any year had more homicides than 2022 (other than 2021).

Year to date, DC has had 35 homicides, compared to 25 from this time last year. I'm not sure this supports your assertion. Last year may not have been a change in trend either, unfortunately. Time will tell


35chambers t1_jacq61p wrote

crime everywhere increased during the pandemic, you can’t use that complain about policies specific to dc


lonterth t1_jadehim wrote

Yes, you can, and you should. The fact that homicides increased in other cities (a lot, but not all!) doesn't make it OK for it to happen in any given city. Crime is always local, and local policies affect it. Stop apologizing for murderers.


35chambers t1_jadi2qm wrote

Are you claiming that a nationwide crime increase was caused by local policies?


lonterth t1_jadk9oc wrote

No. I am saying that national trends still don't excuse bad local policies.


35chambers t1_jadlrlx wrote

So then how are you substantiating the local policies being bad?


ClusterFugazi t1_jaawy0x wrote

Remember, “it’s not as bad the 90’s.”


lonterth t1_jabhhrq wrote

DC summers are not as hot as the sun either.


RepresentativeOk6588 t1_jac7u5m wrote

the biggest trope of all, we should send the people who say that back to the 90's in a time machine, utterly absurd. The DC public schools shut down during the pandemic and this is, in part, the result


Ninjroid t1_jac2j44 wrote

It’s been really mild weather. Usually the colder temps keep the violence at bay a bit in the winter.


Asleep_Square334 t1_jab7kdc wrote

So, is anything going to be done? This is actually ridiculous. Every day. Never ends. People will start moving out of the city.


sad_heretic t1_jabe5fu wrote

This is how you end up with the city you deserve.


RamekinThief t1_jac5p4q wrote

Totally anecdotal, but I've talked to two people now who have moved from DC proper to my area of PG county in part because of the perception that crime is rising in the city. Never thought I'd see the day.


mr_fun_cooker t1_jacjwzr wrote

Been in NE a long time but some of my friends have been victimized and one is lucky to be alive. Cops had the fuckers who attacked a gal I know and let them go. My wife missed being in a crossfire walking our dogs by 15 minutes. I never thought I’d be the guy who leaves but Im looking at prices. It’s not as much about the crime as it is about feeling like the Council isn’t on our side and the up and coming pols here are even dumber.


RamekinThief t1_jaepp02 wrote

Yeah, I think we got lucky(er) here in PGC, we've got a few of the younger people who are actual progressives on the council this time. A few of the corrupt old guard are still around but the change has started. I'm sorry to hear about your experiences. That's real shitty.


EPethy t1_jab5b6c wrote

Damn this is right outside my building. I've already seen one shooting out of my window. Then saw one on North Cap six months later. Lived in Baltimore for 5 years and never saw one.


Deep_Stick8786 t1_jacdgew wrote

Its a weird thing about DC I have noticed after living in other cities. The crime is widely distributed. Theres only a few very low crime neighborhoods. On the other hand, crime was highly concentrated in a few neighborhoods in other cities I’ve lived in. I think the unpredictability of it is anxiety provoking for me


Praxiscat t1_jaclu7k wrote

Actually this is something you are absolutely wrong on. It's not widely distributed. In terms of homicides and violent crime it is highly concentrated east of the river and if it's west of the river in Ward 5. But even then its not close to ward 7 and 8.

Petty theft is more widely distributed, but that is the case everywhere.

There is a geographic element in DC. It's not like the entire city is actively dangerous. There is definitely a geographic element to it. It shows up in the data as well.


Deep_Stick8786 t1_jacpk3h wrote

I don’t disagree with you that there are very concentrated areas especially of loosely organized crime related gun homicides. But the net of shootings and car jackings is relatively wide. Wards 1 2 and 4 also see an increasing amount of homicides. Theres only a handful of neighborhoods where crime is nearly absent in DC (thinking crestwood, palisades, kalorama). Sure brightwood and petworth are less deadly areas then past the river, but they aren’t safe in the everyday sense. Like when I lived in Boston and Philadelphia, serious violent crime just didn’t really happen often in most places. It was very highly concentrated in a few areas. The absolute numbers are more important I think then relative numbers when they are this high


-myBIGD t1_jaatfst wrote

JFC - it’s one thing to carjack people, but to shoot them on top of it?


MAX_cheesejr t1_jacmkso wrote

Guys don’t worry crime is down


perfruit_mix t1_jab2x1y wrote

Does this mean the same person was the victim twice or that the first carjacker himself got carjacked?


preppysurf t1_jacdont wrote

I never thought I’d say it, but I hope Republicans in Congress overrule the Council. The recent trend of letting criminals free clearly doesn’t work. We need long mandatory minimums and more cops on the streets.


Strawbrawry t1_jab3fym wrote

I was wondering what was going on


Quiet_Meaning5874 t1_jad1rfh wrote

Murders up 40pct this year already… this is fine GIF


NoNet7962 t1_jad2gec wrote

Don’t worry guys the criminal will be caught with plenty of evidence, at which point he will inform prosecutors that his mom was somewhat mean to him growing up, and he will be promptly released with 0 consequences.


DeafNatural t1_jacuse7 wrote

I promise you can have my car. I’m not gonna argue with anyone and get shot. I’ll just wait for the ins payout


PhilosophicRevo t1_jablxra wrote

So I joined this sub before my trip to DC, and im very surprised at the level of violent crime that seems to be in the area.

I'm curious and I'd like to make sure that I'm understanding this situation correctly. On Google maps it appears that this happened in like a 10 minute drive from the White House, and there is an FBI building on this street? While I was there, radio stations were warning people about wearing Canada Goose jackets because they were a target for robberies, and im looking around the Capital like what?

Maybe I'm misunderstanding and DC doesn't have a bad issue with violent crime, but if that is in fact correct how in the world is that possible? Seems like the one place in America where all of that would be rooted out thoroughly and for good.


vertknecht t1_jabormt wrote

It’s complicated. The thing is just because all those big federal government buildings and monuments are there doesn’t mean they stop crime from happening. I think what a lot of non locals forget about DC is that it’s still a city of 500k+ people and has problems with crime just like any other big city in America.

That being said, I don’t think this sub paints an accurate picture. It’s kind of like watching a 24 hour news cycle for all information on the outside world. If 90% of the stuff you hear about is negative, it might seem like that negative stuff is all that’s going on. But I’ve been visiting DC my entire life and never once had to deal with anything worse than a few persistent beggars. I’m sure district residents on this sub would agree that most parts of the city feel safe, especially around the monuments and during daytime.


21coozapalooza t1_jacath9 wrote

It's been getting worse, but being on this sub, much like following crime scanner twitter accounts or being on NextDoor is always going to amplify things. You're not seeing posts or hearing reports from the hundreds of thousands of people who go about their day in a completely uneventful, safe manner, so it's easy to warp that into a sense of dread for many.

Does it happen out there, and is it possible? Of course. But keep your wits about you and keep your head on a swivel and all that and you'll be fine.

Not that it makes them fine, but the vast majority of the shootings are targeted and stemming from beefs. Obviously innocent people can get caught, but its rare that people are randomly shot. But property crime like the jackets or carjacking can happen to anyone, just have to be smart.


PurpleParrot21 t1_jaclmgy wrote

Crime is absolutely getting worse right now and residents are rightfully concerned, but I remind anyone that when you’re being fed immediate updates about every crime in the city, it leaves a perception that crime is way worse than it is. A carjacking a day sounds like a lot (and is still unacceptable), but there are literally thousands of cars on the streets of DC at any given time. Same for robberies—thousands of people on these streets daily and we might hear about one or two a week. I pretty much never feel unsafe here, but I also adjust my behavior to lower my chances of becoming a victim, as anyone should even if your chances are already low.


vermillionmango t1_jacer0n wrote

It's a city of 700k, chances are a crime is happening somewhere at any given time. This sub is like Nextdoor, and a lot of people will post OMG CRIME HAPPENED SOMEWHERE. Don't trust it.

I have lived in DC for more than 12 years, in neighborhoods considered safe and unsafe, and walked everywhere. I lived on streets with shoes hanging from wires. I've never been mugged, shot, or attacked.

DC had a serious crime problem from the 80s to about 2000. Crack was endemic, Rayful Edmond was the biggest dealer on the East Coast. Lafayette Park was a big dealer hangout. DC meant Dodge City. It dropped after 2000 and been steadily dropping, it's ticked back up some post covid but statistically it isnt that bad.

To a lot of people things FEEL worse, not unjustly, but imo it's overblown. I saw someone call Eastern Market metro stop an open air drug market, so I'm just ¯_(ツ)_/¯.


MaoXiWinnie t1_jacxose wrote

DC representing this country!


turnageb1138 t1_jad2l1u wrote

DC subreddit still doing the "if it bleeds it leads," reporting every crime beat I see.


borg359 t1_jadkhnr wrote

Maybe if people don’t report it, it’ll just go away.


VSVP t1_jac3x5l wrote

Despite the flood of threads decrying an unsafe city, for the average redditor, DC is extremely safe. That is, unless you’re on a bike, then watch out!


Deep_Stick8786 t1_jacfv5s wrote

Or in a car. Or have property that isn’t on a military base. Or get deliveries to your home. Or are a representative. Or a city councilor. Or a family hanging out in front of your home when someone with a gun scooters into you in Shaw. Or if you are at andy’s pizza on 18th st getting pizza on the wrong night. Or on a date night near le diplomate and caught in a crossfire. Etc etc. pointing out a problem exists that shouldn’t feels better then ignoring it completely


emanresuymsisihtolle t1_jacpfc0 wrote

Speak for yourself, I was threatened with a hammer last night. I’m not even joking


Pipes_of_Pan t1_jabeksi wrote

My $0.02 is that screenshots of these crime Twitter accounts should be banned. They are never reliable, ever.


thund3rstruck t1_jacczsm wrote

You’re not wrong about their reliability - this is the same account that falsely claimed one of the hospitals was in lockdown due to an Ebola positive patient and caused some mild panic.


Pipes_of_Pan t1_jacgyd2 wrote

Yep same guy said there was a mass overdose death event - which never happened. These people are constantly spreading misinformation


Pipes_of_Pan t1_jad40tg wrote

Not the same thing and it's impossible to find evidence of all the bullshit they spread because they delete all the tweets that end up being clearly wrong