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RainbowCrown71 OP t1_ja03gzu wrote

TLDR: "In Virginia, where a state report found that approximately $1.3 billion in merchandise is stolen this way annually, state lawmakers approved legislation Thursday that will make organized retail theft a felony and make those convicted of the crime eligible for prison sentences of up to 20 years.
The legislation, which has the governor's support, will make it a Class 3 felony for anyone to conspire or act in concert with one or more people to steal retail merchandise with a value exceeding $5,000 in a 90-day period, with the intent to sell the stolen goods for profit."


ScottyC33 t1_ja0dwdi wrote

$5,000 seems like a pretty high cutoff. Doesn’t seem like it will do anything against the majority of these events which seem to be clothing and convenience store flash mobs. At the least it should be stolen goods value and damage to property value and compensation value for the business needing to be closed for repairs.


michapman2 t1_ja0vn7q wrote

That doesn't seem too high. It's $9000 over a ninety day period, and it only applies to organized groups of shoplifters. Realistically anyone who is actually organizing a group of people to steal for such a long period of time is going to steal more than $5000 worth of merchandise.


FIFA95_itsinthegame t1_ja0hx1e wrote

Now do organized wage theft


BansheeLoveTriangle t1_ja0k5qn wrote

I bet misclassifying workers alone is more than that


Dr_Midnight t1_ja13vuy wrote

* IT workers who are almost all exclusively classified as "Exempt" while being expected to work 50+ hours a week, plus be on call, have entered the chat. *


LS6 t1_ja3m3vz wrote

(who almost certainly fall under the computer worker exemption)


[deleted] t1_ja2x7rd wrote

Good for Virginia. It will be interesting to see if this reduces the frequency of organized retail theft in comparison to what DC and Maryland are seeing, after the law goes into effect.

California seems to have gone in the opposite direction by treating thefts of less than $950 as a misdemeanor that, theoretically could result in, at most, up to 6 months in jail.


MazingerZeta28 t1_ja2sbx3 wrote

So if this new “conspiracy” law is implemented like drug conspiracy laws peripheral players are going to end up behind bars for trivial roles. I hope they are able to target the real offenders. There are a lot people behind bars for nonviolent drug offenses whose only real crime is dating an irresponsible loser.


beer_OMG_beer t1_ja2szj7 wrote

I bet this will totally stop now that it's uhh... more illegal?


luvvjemi t1_ja0ojpr wrote

damn 🫤


TheDukeofArgyll t1_ja16oya wrote

Finally, someone is standing up for the corporations


skiwhatwhat t1_ja1n6fk wrote

Though…it also helps make sure the businesses stay in the area, which benefits the rest of us…


joe_sausage t1_ja0fq0w wrote

Won’t someone think of the Apple Stores? 😢


walkandtalkk t1_ja2fia2 wrote

"Heh heh. Fuck the capitalists. Heh heh."

— Every Brooklyn trustafarian.


Not_Cleaver t1_ja052t1 wrote

Why is Virginia news being posted here?

Actually, I know why based on the many crime posts. But it seems to be that many posters actually hate DC/the region.


RainbowCrown71 OP t1_ja0e88n wrote

Because the sub is about the DC area, not just DC. See Rule 3:

>Please keep content relevant to the people, places, and things in and about the DC area.
>This includes the immediate suburbs in Virginia (Alexandria/Arlington/Fairfax/Loudon)


Messy-Recipe t1_ja1itu9 wrote

NoVA & MoCo/PGC are just Greater DC. Someday we will achieve statehood, form an army, & take what is ours


CanaKitty t1_ja0qaho wrote

What’s the point when VA cops executing people in Tyson’s for shoplifting now.