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AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j9pqil5 wrote

One rule of thumb is that you can't trust the "influencers" who aren't at least a little thick, because that's how you know they're actually tasting the food and not just pocketing the bribes.


BigE429 t1_j9qjg3g wrote

It's a fine line though. I've seen vloggers who are quite rotund, and everything they eat is delicious to them.


PKisSz t1_j9pv61b wrote

Nah, Americans just be fat. Gotta divide average number of likes of the last 10 posts by the number of followers they have. You end up with shit like 0.05% follower engagement rate, and at that point it's fucking hilarious that these people don't realize they should be paying dinner plus an exorbitant fee for risking our brand on such a shit page