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jeffreyhunt90 t1_ja55r95 wrote

Sounds like you went to Sticky Fingers.

When I heard about their policy, I immediately left.

And im vegan.


Throw_acount_away t1_ja59x7z wrote

Yup, it's good but my server specifically said the service charge was not the tip. I felt bad and threw on 10%, but it's really crappy of them


jeffreyhunt90 t1_ja5hxs3 wrote

I’m going to send them this post to hopefully change their minds. I won’t go back until the policy is changed.

Raise your prices. Don’t scam your customers.


IcyWillow1193 t1_ja7e5ru wrote

>Sticky Fingers.

Sticky Fingers has been in a sad, long slow decline for years but the pandemic really accelerated it. I used to love it but at this point I wish the owner would just move on and make room for something good.


orion2145 t1_ja61l9s wrote

Love sticky fingers but if this is true I’ll just skip it.


FennelSuperb7633 t1_ja8oulu wrote

Sticky Fingers is such a ripoff now. It cost me $68 for two cups a coffee, a pastry, and pancakes when I include the service charge and tip. I’ll never go back!