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GMarius- t1_j7p3tmh wrote

Lol. You think some 27yr old programmer, that worked for meta, who made $345k a year is going to work for the Fed or one of the million consulting firms in and around the beltway for $110k?


LeDeepPenseur t1_j7pdb1e wrote

While not $345K but there is a good amount contractors around the same age making $180K range. Still small potatoes compared to what they were making.


GMarius- t1_j7sk5rw wrote

There isn’t a good amount. Where are all of you getting these numbers? I worked in gov consulting for 15yrs as a cleared consultant in data analytics and running million dollar programs and very few people I knew made that. One of my best friends has a MS in Applied Math, a full scope poly, is an expert in ML and works for DARPA and makes about $160k all in. And he manages a team as well and has 17yr experience.


ixrequalv t1_j7psxdp wrote

Not in gov, but tech consulting companies are definitely not paying that little for a senior. 110 is a starting salary, seniors can be making upward of 200+ with a good wlb and remote. Besides some companies that are heavy on the RSUs probably did not realize that much money anyway.


[deleted] t1_j7qdl11 wrote



GMarius- t1_j7sjiks wrote

Rubbish. I was a cleared contractor working in data analytics for years and I didn’t make anywhere near $250k. The only people that made that comp were senior execs and even then a lot didn’t make that comp. My Managing Director in 2017 made $215k all in. And the highest paid Principals at BAH make about $265k all in. And there aren’t a lot of those running around and they’re definitely not 27.


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j7pmsr7 wrote

Too bad many of those jobs are about to be replaced with automation.


FreemanCantJump t1_j7q2py6 wrote

"About to" is a big stretch. ChatGPT and the like will be tools for human engineers but it will be decades before they will fully replace them imo.