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moosedogmonkey12 t1_ja9qnnp wrote

Denver is a terrible city. The draw is the outdoors, and frankly I think a lot of people move to Denver and find that that is overblown - it’s a plains city, you still have to drive to the mountains! Big controversial opinion here but I actually think the best city/outdoor activity ratio is actually Boston and its immediate suburbs like Cambridge.

I don’t live in Denver, I live in a much smaller city in Colorado now. I’d move back to DC in a heartbeat over moving to Denver proper, because the truth is that for a 9-5er most of the time you’re in the city anyway so that’s the place you really gotta like. I also would take DC type transient-ness (job based) over the Denver type (ski bros 🤮). Of course, DC is my home and I was the token local of the friend group there so I’m biased. Now I’m just another transplant.


dcsnarkington t1_ja9uoew wrote

I'm a skier, and I agree with you. I'd take a number of other cities if skiing and mountaineering were my thing over Denver. SLC or the Northwest mostly for cultural reasons, and the skiing is simply much closer. I also hate Vail Resorts as a business and refuse to ski at their resorts if I can help it.

You may have a different opinion but I personally would not be satisfied with the skiing in New England. I also am not a fan of ticks and Lyme disease.


moosedogmonkey12 t1_ja9wxfl wrote

I only recently found out that VR bought Liberty/Whitetail/Roundtop! I went to those as a child but didn’t ski past high school until I moved to Colorado. Can’t imagine paying Vail $ for… that… not that I ski Vail resorts out here either lol


dcsnarkington t1_ja9zfgv wrote

Yeah, also Snowshoe WV and Seven Springs, PA. All I can say is that those people and those resorts deserve each other.

If you do ski around DC again I recommend Wisp, MD or Timberline WV