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mr_grission t1_jaetd10 wrote

I'm spending $2100 a month to live above Walmart and they're closing the Walmart. So I'm now paying $2100 for the privilege to live above Smoothie King


RoeRoeRoeYourVote t1_jadeqdb wrote

These fluctuations in temp and weather are killing my sinuses. Allergies galore.


metrazol t1_jaci614 wrote

Had an unexpected windfall from the Comptroller of Maryland... so now I can turn that around to the PG County Comptroller. In the words of Shaggy, it wasn't me, but she even caught me on cameraaaaaa...


beprovoking t1_jacmd6g wrote

my cats are driving me crazy. im convinced if i spent every moment of free time playing with them it still wouldnt be enough


giscard78 t1_jacig9d wrote

My dogs have too much energy in this mild weather. I need the sun come back to slow them down.


Baloncesto t1_jacst28 wrote

I bought a GoPro for an upcoming trip and it's really cool, although I'm frustrated with the settings. I can't seem to get the beautiful, crisp footage that others do, and every time I try to ask for help on r/gopro I get either ignored or told to watch tutorials. I'm kinda pissed that a $500 device isn't working properly and no one is willing to help me out.


Momskitchen2 t1_jaem8up wrote

You can dm me any questions I'm pretty experienced with the current gen gopro.