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Playful-Translator49 t1_j8zdbmr wrote

You can use your dc library card to read it as well with a 7 day pass.


1one1000two1thousand t1_j8zh2pa wrote

Does the 7 day pass reset or is that a lifetime 7 day pass?


puttinonthefoil t1_j8zli36 wrote

…it’s a 7-day pass. It lasts 7 days before you reset it.


1one1000two1thousand t1_j8zztof wrote

That’s literally what I asked. Does it reset or is it a one time for life 7 day pass for that library card #. I just signed up and have no idea how it works. But thanks for your smart response …


Appropriate-Tea-3227 OP t1_j8zdfas wrote

I live in MD lols


SSSS_car_go t1_j8zf7qp wrote

Maryland libraries have the same subscription service. Patrons can access at least WaPo, NYTimes, and WSJ, and I think others. Stop by the library and ask, or just go online to your library account and dig around for the link.


Appropriate-Tea-3227 OP t1_j8zfgiy wrote

I have a Rockville library card


1800TurdFerguson t1_j8zojtr wrote

With a MoCo library card, you can get DC, Frederick, and PG County library cards. With a DC card (and maybe a MoCo one), you can get an Arlington County library card.


leagle89 t1_j8zky18 wrote

Another easy way to get around the paywall is to support journalism and pay for the Post. Those articles you want to read for free aren’t free to create.


TheDeHymenizer t1_j8znrcl wrote

lol good one!


Appropriate-Tea-3227 OP t1_j8zocus wrote

I like BBC news better since they show less bias.


TheDeHymenizer t1_j8zowj5 wrote

BBC isn't bad. People hate to admit it but pretty much all American media is just Fox News is different flavors now.


Appropriate-Tea-3227 OP t1_j8zqks0 wrote

I like reading both BBC News and RT News in order to get multiple points of view. RT news is super biased, but some of their articles about the US provide a good point of view if you verify it with other sources


gutterbrain73 t1_j8zmvxt wrote

I wonder what /u/washingtonpost has to say about this.


washingtonpost t1_j8znjtv wrote

i mean, people sometimes just copy and paste our whole articles on here anyway — all i can say is if you enjoy reading our work, please subscribe if you’re able to!

across the site we try to give some excerpts of stories from behind the paywall — and even offer 7 free articles to redditors specifically, along with AMAs every other week — to give non-subscribers a way in to seeing our work without running into a paywall right off the bat.

but subscriptions are important to keep a newsroom going, and we can only do our jobs because of reader support. but uhh personally i def can’t stop … this. i’m just the reddit guy

— angel


GEV46 t1_j8zqbs7 wrote

I read the Washington Post online with a free subscription as a fed. Is any revenue generated by that beyond ad views?


TheDeHymenizer t1_j8znfhk wrote then add the hyperlink

you have to wait until someone archives the article but I find with major outlets like WaPo, NYT you can generally read anything within an hour or so of its publishing


gutterbrain73 t1_j8zsw4g wrote

A digital sub is $3.99/mo, at least for Prime members.