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gutterbrain73 t1_j8zmvxt wrote

I wonder what /u/washingtonpost has to say about this.


washingtonpost t1_j8znjtv wrote

i mean, people sometimes just copy and paste our whole articles on here anyway — all i can say is if you enjoy reading our work, please subscribe if you’re able to!

across the site we try to give some excerpts of stories from behind the paywall — and even offer 7 free articles to redditors specifically, along with AMAs every other week — to give non-subscribers a way in to seeing our work without running into a paywall right off the bat.

but subscriptions are important to keep a newsroom going, and we can only do our jobs because of reader support. but uhh personally i def can’t stop … this. i’m just the reddit guy

— angel


GEV46 t1_j8zqbs7 wrote

I read the Washington Post online with a free subscription as a fed. Is any revenue generated by that beyond ad views?