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[deleted] OP t1_j9clq1u wrote



giscard78 t1_j9cuy34 wrote

same but replace kid with three pets, the latter of whom contribute no rent


Rayven52 t1_j9cvxo2 wrote

Zero. Kinda regret it when it comes to costs, don’t regret anything when it comes to the freedom


squuidlees t1_j9dv16v wrote

Also in the zero club. My sanity will take the extra cost of living alone.


Amori_A_Splooge t1_j9e1wmi wrote

One too many roommates entertaining the meth hobby was one too many for me. Living alone was a great decision.


Gilmoregirlin t1_j9f7g5w wrote

Same here.


Rayven52 t1_j9f8jm3 wrote

Yeah wish i could find a roommate i wont hate but sounds like that won’t be until marriage 😂


bludynamo t1_j9co6ik wrote

When I first moved to the area 13 years ago I lived in an apartment in Alexandria with two roommates for 4 years. Rent was in the low $700's


skywalkerbeth t1_j9eihd5 wrote

I won’t say how long ago I moved here, but: I rented a townhouse with two other gals in Fairfax Circle. I think our entire rent for the townhouse was $900. It was a cute townhouse. Kinda wish I had bought it and rented it out. It would be worth a mint today.


daveed4445 t1_j9cp1aj wrote

No roommates now because I work from home at least 2 days a week but often the whole week. Needed a real office setup and to be on teams meetings without call of duty in the background


smgoalie13 t1_j9cy9i5 wrote

Had 4 initially and juuust moved to have 0 #freedom lol


_Potente_ t1_j9d4hyh wrote

When I moved after having a roommate, I took the first couple of days to just sit and soak in the pure peacefulness (ie not having to hear constant NPR/nauseatingly loud belching anywhere in the unit)


smgoalie13 t1_j9d7e9f wrote

This is day four and tonight I made a pizza, bought a bottle of rose, and am watching Netflix while I relax.

Best Monday night ever.


_Potente_ t1_j9dmryz wrote

Having those one nights where you truly had the place to yourself were golden. Now, you can have those nights as often as you like!


scotch_please t1_j9d7y8r wrote

> not having to hear constant NPR

I feel this. Used to have NPR set as my morning alarm until I realized I hate listening to strangers talk about topics that I don't care hearing an opinion about.


_Potente_ t1_j9dmet0 wrote

NPR isn’t my favorite. I’ll give one of their podcasts a chance every here and there but I just can’t do it. IMO Pushkin has a much better/more diverse library of podcasts, and I actually feel like I’m learning new things from them


keyjan t1_j9cm7i8 wrote

One at the moment (down from two).


ActuaryPersonal2378 t1_j9ddxxv wrote

I live alone in a studio (although it feels like a one bedroom) and pay 1525 a month on a 55kish salary and financially it can be stressful but I find it to be worth it tbh. (although I do fantasize about the money I'd save with roommates)


cheesyuser t1_j9dna0y wrote

Do you mind if I ask what neighborhood you are getting that price for a studio? Sounds incredible with how the rental market is looking.


acagedrising t1_j9fnhse wrote

I was priced lower than this for a one bedroom in Glover Park. Not exactly prime nightlife location but it worked for my homebody needs - plenty of walkable grocery/pharmacy/misc stores, bus lines to everything and halfway between two metro stops.


marjoramandmint t1_j9d192i wrote

  1. Have lived with as many as 5 at one point, and have lived with ~22 different people across my time in DC.

indiedub t1_j9d9ysz wrote

Thank you for also having the experience I've had. Everyone on this thread saying they live alone was weirding me out.


marjoramandmint t1_j9deff7 wrote

Lol, you're welcome - I've done the solo thing too, but I prefer not being constantly broke, so roommates help!


indiedub t1_j9f5wjw wrote

I hear that. DC also has a lot of great rowhouses that I can only afford with roommates. The difference between 600sf by myself vs 3000sf with two housemates is real.


No-Lab4815 t1_j9cni4l wrote

I live in Largo with my girl 👧🏽 in an apt. Before I lived in a house in Hyattsville with 3 roommates and the landlord living in the basement


app_priori t1_j9cvkfg wrote

The last time I had roommates, I had 5 of them in Columbia Heights. I live alone now.


Throw_acount_away t1_j9d7zeq wrote

3 roommates - I think that's the maximum before it goes from "living with a few peers" to "big group house" tbh


ttonk t1_j9dytp1 wrote

Just my SO and their cat. Its been a few months. Before that it was just me in Alexandria and I was able to get by just fine. Definitely cheaper having roommates though.


Dapper-Print9016 t1_j9dcnex wrote

Do my auditory hallucinations count? Otherwise, none.


noticeably_pale t1_j9dl71m wrote

Currently 2, but downsizing to a studio in May.

Can't say I love the financial trade off, but I do look forward to the freedom.


Special_K_2012 t1_j9f7omy wrote

Me myself and I living in the ghetto 🫠


BansheeLoveTriangle t1_j9cot9s wrote

Currently none. But I lived with a partner in a small apartment for many years. I also lived in a townhouse well outside the city with the owner, and a second roommate, for a bit when I first moved down here.


International_Ad8264 t1_j9dcjev wrote

Share a 1 bedroom apartment with a long term partner. Max was myself plus 7 others sharing a house when I was in college.


kclynn3355 t1_j9dqggb wrote

  1. Had 1 but she was very hard to live with so I bailed asap. Nevertheless regretted it

indiedub t1_j9f69vn wrote

Two. DC has a lot of great rowhouses that I can only afford with roommates. The difference between 600sf apartment/basement by myself vs 3000sf house that has a porch and a yard with two housemates is real.


flights_not_feelings t1_j9f7dwh wrote

Your place sounds amazing I wanna be roomie #3


indiedub t1_j9g7i8c wrote

My place is honestly very typical for DC. The availability of housing like that (for people who don't mind roommates) is one of the best things about this city when compared with so many others.


dashingthrough t1_j9fc6pr wrote

Started with one, in a crazy cheap for DC 2 bed 2 bath

Now 0, and it will stay like that until I get engaged/married.

I have no financial business living alone… but idc… my mental health is worth it


Accomplished-Mind-40 t1_j9fhhzw wrote

  1. I work for a company owned by a property management company. The apartment is rent controlled. If it wasn't, I wouldn't be able to afford it.

The lease is up and I'm leaving this city and going back to where I'm from


lemon0021 t1_j9ctxo6 wrote

I have 3, though I am in Arlington now. When I was in DC last year I had 1 roommate.


nakoros t1_j9cxbli wrote

Had 1 for the first 5 years, then 0 for 3 years until my now-husband moved in


dontforgetpants t1_j9d09i4 wrote

Three for the first 8 months I lived here, then one for the next 2.5 years, then 0 for the last 4 years (now in my mid-30s).


DCFud t1_j9drpum wrote

None. It's all about what your budget is ... And whether you're willing to live in a studio or a basement (or maybe the burbs) to live alone. LOL


ellabunny17 t1_j9erd2q wrote

Have 3 atm but moving into my own place this weekend!!!


naghallac t1_j9f88uy wrote

3 + me in brookland. Rent much more manageable with extra heads


flights_not_feelings t1_j9fiqgf wrote

How do you like Brookland? I was actually looking into moving there lol


naghallac t1_j9fm7jr wrote

Its nice, quiet, good neighborhood feel. + great if you're Catholic. The Verde calzone from Menomale is worth it alone


AlexisTheStampede t1_j9ftyyt wrote

Zero. I rather pay a little more and live in a smaller apartment than have roommates again tbh.


meshuggahdaddy t1_j9fvah6 wrote

1200, 5 roommates, but I have a super nice room with a balcony and there are 2 kitchens and 2 sinks in the bathroom. Main difficulty is finding people that will all put in equal amounts of effort into keeping common areas clean, currently my ocd forces me to clean up after others


AwesomeAndy t1_j9g6vex wrote

Just my wife and two cats.

Had one roommate for my first six years here, then lived alone until we moved in together.


Azduffer t1_j9gf7fe wrote

Two but technically none. (Live in an English basement in a family house). 1200 with utilities, internet, fully furnished, and even housekeeping included for a one bedroom in friendship heights area. You can find semi affordable rent if you get creative


iamkatemiddleton t1_j9gi4pw wrote

When I first moved to DC a few years ago, I had two. Now I’m alone and I’ll never go back.


Diligent_Cow4019 t1_j9i68im wrote

3 guys. i’m a 28F, i’m on the top floor of the townhouse and I have my own bathroom. i’ve been paying $1250, recently starting paying $1290 to cover the rise in utilities which are included in rent


Zernhelt t1_j9ihj8d wrote

My wife contributes to our mortgage payment. My daughter and son are freeloaders.


leafonawall t1_j9p3e9g wrote

Had 3 for 4yrs and 1 for 2 yrs


DharmaDivine t1_j9ct4yk wrote

Zero, but I’ve been (very) causally thinking about sharing my home with one.


milehigh2084 t1_j9cx3ck wrote

0 in navy yard , for sanity. Going to year 2 here.


cho_bits t1_j9d8k6h wrote

I live with my partner now but I lived in a five-person group house in Cleveland Park for six years. Rent was between 870 and 980 across that time (bigger/ better rooms were generally based on how long you’d been in the house and price was based on size)


alizadk t1_j9dajgs wrote

Lived in Lanham with three friends from high school right after I graduated. Then lived in a two-bedroom place for four years with one roommate. When I bought my place, I usually had two roommates and a basement tenant until I got my dog. Then I only had one roommate and a basement tenant. I think I stopped about a year before I met my husband.