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deepstate_fangirl t1_jad4ld4 wrote

There was an Ezra Klein show episode last year about murder rates and police presence that I think did a really good job making sense of what's going on, namely:

  • murder rates increasing
  • police presence makes crime rates decrease
  • police presence also traumatic for communities

The guest lays out that the US is a powder keg right now because we continually treat symptoms instead of root causes.

Link because it's a good listen:


no_sight t1_jadcbp2 wrote

Is police presence more or less traumatic than murder? Seems like that is the community decision to make


deepstate_fangirl t1_jadg33v wrote

Maybe listen to the podcast instead of offering a false dichotomy?

This lack of creativity is why we're trapped in doing the same thing over and over again despite getting increasingly worse results. Wouldn't it be great if there were other options besides murder and policing that is harmful to communities?


OneFunkyPlatypus t1_jaf1xrw wrote

Oh fuck that. DC has what? 3 or 4 VI programs with millions in funding and guess what? They shoot each other So yes to other approaches BUT DONE THE RIGHT WAY. Not money pits for buddies. Actual pay for performance efforts with clear data feedback and willingness to chop it down if it sucks (like currently) You need carrots but you need stick too


Ok_Jellyfish6145 t1_jaddske wrote

Maybe the community continues to have high murder rates because it consistently prioritizes #3 over #2


DrunkWoodchuck t1_jaem1z8 wrote

Why would anyone need to prioritize one over the other? Just unfuck police immunity and you end up with an accountable police force that won’t traumatize the community they serve.


overnighttoast t1_jadrorq wrote

Or! The community continues to have high murder rates because we continuously choose to use a system that by nature is reactive instead of proactive despite the numerous findings in literature that offer creative proactive approaches and solutions :)

And that doesnt even touch on the fact that to make matters worse, we allow the entity we've chosen for protection to traumatize community members. Trauma, we know, also impacts how folks learn to solve and deal with their problems, and most likely discourages the use of those entities in the rare moments where they could actually be helpful. So no, we do not consistently prioritize #3, perhaps if we did we would actually see homicides decline.


Ok_Jellyfish6145 t1_jae0ovh wrote

Murders went down a ton due to police presence. People riot because of police misconduct so police are withdrawn as requested. Murders promptly surge. Simple as.


overnighttoast t1_jae17tl wrote

Look, police have historically treated certain groups poorly, and weren't responding to calls for service in various neighborhoods WAY before police misconduct was part of the news stream. But whatever you need to tell yourself ig.

It's always wild to me how many uneducated people try to speak on criminal legal system topics.