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overnighttoast t1_jadrorq wrote

Or! The community continues to have high murder rates because we continuously choose to use a system that by nature is reactive instead of proactive despite the numerous findings in literature that offer creative proactive approaches and solutions :)

And that doesnt even touch on the fact that to make matters worse, we allow the entity we've chosen for protection to traumatize community members. Trauma, we know, also impacts how folks learn to solve and deal with their problems, and most likely discourages the use of those entities in the rare moments where they could actually be helpful. So no, we do not consistently prioritize #3, perhaps if we did we would actually see homicides decline.


Ok_Jellyfish6145 t1_jae0ovh wrote

Murders went down a ton due to police presence. People riot because of police misconduct so police are withdrawn as requested. Murders promptly surge. Simple as.


overnighttoast t1_jae17tl wrote

Look, police have historically treated certain groups poorly, and weren't responding to calls for service in various neighborhoods WAY before police misconduct was part of the news stream. But whatever you need to tell yourself ig.

It's always wild to me how many uneducated people try to speak on criminal legal system topics.