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hemlockone t1_jae0m2o wrote

I don't think it's gaslighting to say that it's been worse in the recent past (the article says number of homicides in 2022 was about the same 2001). The early 90's was a crazy time in DC.

It is easy to argue that what we are today isn't a good thing, though, even with that information. It is not trending in a good direction, and that value doesn't give me a warm fuzzy.


Ok_Culture_3621 t1_jaehvsj wrote

It helps that most people on Reddit don’t seem to know what “gaslighting” means.


buxtonOJ t1_jaf3udr wrote

Don’t gate-keep my gaslighting!!


Burn_AfterReading_U t1_jaejo6a wrote

This guy’s definition seems to be making someone pause for some nuance for one second