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chefdrew00 t1_jd8rbt1 wrote

Brush fire in upper northwest. No structures involved. Source: am firefighter


giscard78 t1_jd8sa3j wrote

that was my view for lockdown! lol no idea about the fire though

edit: apparently this was near Piney Branch which I walked through today but did not notice lol


misstwinpeaks23 t1_jd9r8t8 wrote

Was wondering about this! Drove through rock creek with intention of turning onto piney branch but it was closed. Took blagden up through crestwood and just saw smoke everywhere.


modelcitizendc t1_jdbl3bu wrote

Weird, I live up Colorado close to this and somehow missed it entirely


meechgould t1_jdcj3gn wrote

I’m looking at the art in your photo. I love that you captured all the buildings in a row!


chouseva t1_jdmv28f wrote

I attend cleanups in the Piney Branch area, and my guess is people smoking while drinking in the woods. You'll find a spot 30 or so feet from the road or trail covered with bottles and cans. I haven't seen evidence of campfires to date, though I guess that that would also be a possibility.