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Evaderofdoom t1_jeg9vkg wrote

Still beats sitting in traffic on 295. 10 minutes is not that bad especially with the yellow line being down.


Docile_Doggo t1_jegfwcl wrote

My nuanced take is that 10-minute headways aren’t that bad and I don’t mind them, but I still want Metro to do so much better. Even getting back to pre-pandemic service levels would be awesome.


new_account_5009 t1_jeggq90 wrote

10 minutes really isn't that bad. If you get to the station randomly, you would expect a 5 minute wait on average, which is plenty reasonable. If the trains are packed elbow to elbow, it's a different story, but I haven't seen pre-covid packed trains in a while.


umd_terps_2012 t1_jegmaqj wrote

You must not take the red line during rush hour. Currently shoulder to shoulder at metro center lol


orion2145 t1_jegex51 wrote

‘I had to wait ten minutes - all transit is bad’ is a take.


borg359 t1_jegf8fg wrote

If you have to use it every day, it’s a legitimate take.


orion2145 t1_jegfc0e wrote

If you arrive at exactly the point in time every day that hit max headways you have a whole different set of cosmic issues.


EternalMoonChild t1_jegfiq3 wrote

What does OP think an acceptable headway is? Every 2 minutes?


armyuvamba t1_jegj7bh wrote

This used to be normal during rush hour pre pandemic….trains would come every 3-5 mins it felt like. And if you had to switch lines, it wasn’t such an issue. Now you have to wait 10+ mins for one line and then another 10+ mins for the other line. All in pretty crowded trains during rush hours. More trains is a legitimate ask.


onebigcube t1_jegei5b wrote

Maybe there is something happening on the line that is creating a delay. Man, people complain a lot about the Metro but almost every time I've ridden it I've found it to be pretty efficient. And 10 minutes between trains...every once in awhile (their timetable says 8 minutes between trains during most times) is not a long wait. Just try driving a few miles in DC, Metro is a pretty good deal. I think they do a great job.


squuidlees t1_jegg88x wrote

It’s been over two decades since I’ve left my small hometown that only had two stoplights and where cars were required. I will never take a 10-15 wait for metro for granted. Even when an hour metrobus wait is a pain, I’ll take that over car payments I wouldn’t be able to afford.


BrunettexAmbition t1_jegsxpv wrote

8 minutes isn’t reasonable either. When I first moved here, I thought how great the metro was by comparison to the subways in NYC & Philly. DC metro is newer and cleaner but with these waits and lack of train staggered for those that have to chain lines, I’m eating those words. I’ll take dirty, grimy, and never having to check a schedule again any day.


snortgigglecough t1_jegga29 wrote

Anyone else find waiting for an Uber 10x more unbearable than waiting for a metro? Even if I’m in the comfort of my home the wait and price is annoying as hell.


chouseva t1_jeg8mcm wrote

There hasn't been yellow line service in months. Until it returns, you'll continue to see 10+ minute headways.


DCmetrosexual1 t1_jeg8src wrote

There’s supposed to be a green line train every 8 mins while the yellow is suspended


chouseva t1_jeg9srh wrote

They are currently running every 8 minutes. Could have been a train malfunction or medical emergency earlier.


breadstickvevo t1_jegc7av wrote

My only issue is the bus wait times, sometimes it’s an hour between buses!


dynospectrum7 t1_jegf19j wrote

Green currently has 7/8 min headways. Sometimes service gaps occur. 10 isn’t terrible. Get an app and time your trips.


magredditbu OP t1_jegg3pg wrote

My frustration probably comes from living in other large cities with public trans. Once you have to time your trips, it doesn't really count as functional working transportation for me. It means that for important things, i should not count on public transportation. And it is not like the fare is cheaper than other cities .


thekingoftherodeo t1_jegk6ar wrote

> Once you have to time your trips, it doesn't really count as functional working transportation for me

Sorry what?

OP: total first world problem. WMATA has its issues, but 10 minute headways aren't even on the first page of the list.


magredditbu OP t1_jegw8xk wrote

Definitely first world problems. My point exactly. Is this Washington DC or not? Seems like a lot of arguments here are " it could be worse, you shouldn't expect more" which i don't agree with. Other cities figured this out. DC can do it. DC should do it


BrunettexAmbition t1_jegtqvn wrote

Exactly, the idea that people around here think that 8 or 10 minutes is reasonable almost all other major cities worldwide have figured it out boggles the mind. Hell even with our crumbling infrastructure in the US this is way behind other cities like NYC, Philly, and Boston. I’m so sick of people saying be grateful for the crappy things we have when we’re trailing behind and paying a premium.


Super_Ad_2578 t1_jegrbpb wrote

This is pretty far down the list of things to take issue with when it comes to WMATA. Pearl clutching over 10 minute lead times at 4 am is a bit much.


Msbirdperson t1_jegdx2r wrote

I mean, I don't remember pre-pandemic times being any better than half the time you are complaining about, but I suppose a 50% increase is pretty dramatic. But considering the pandemic and the 30 min wait times, I'd say 10's pretty okay.


ButterPotatoHead t1_jegh65f wrote

I hate to say it but 10 minutes isn't bad. I've seen 15-18 minutes within an hour of rush hour.

I used to commute from the near Virginia suburbs to 4000 Wisconsin Ave. by bus and it was 50-75 minutes each way for a trip that was about 10 miles. The best part is when I went to take the bus home, I'd wait at the stop for 30-40 minutes and then see 3 buses (which are supposed to run every 10-15 min) all pull up bumper to bumper.

I'll take a 10 minute metro wait any day.


BPCGuy1845 t1_jegaghv wrote

Agreed, service standards are awful. They often talk about frequencies but it’s always for at like 8-9:30am.


late_snake t1_jeh0txn wrote

Yea you guessed it. That's exactly why it exists.


Ubik5000 t1_jeglco4 wrote

cant believe you'd bash public trans on TDOV


Feisty_Law_3321 t1_jeg6z3g wrote

Nothing that DC govt has its hand it runs efficiently.

Triple so for organizations that have the whole DMV’s governments involved.


jukeboxdemigod t1_jeg9p5t wrote

The metro is not run by the DC Government. It's a private entity. It does get money from DC, Maryland, and Virginia, and the states have some input in decision making but that's a fiasco.


SadieRadler t1_jegc1g1 wrote

just to be totally pedantic here, efficiency does not mean more frequent service. I would say an efficient metro is one that matches train frequency to ridership levels.