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nintrader t1_jcyoe6a wrote

The only way to get the authentic experience is to eat the blossoms straight from the trees, otherwise it's just a pale imitation


seaweedstampede t1_jcyxmed wrote

The oldest dc residents have giraffe-like necks exactly for this purpose and the reason you don't see many of them anymore is gentrification


DC-COVID-TRASH t1_jczrkv2 wrote

they're only blossoms if the trees are in blossom, France actually


__mud__ t1_jd0b1dy wrote

Precisely. What we have here are cherry sparkling flower trees


Stardust_Particle t1_jd050mh wrote

Please don’t give tourists and others this idea or they’ll be breaking branches to try this and exposing trees to disease.


sagarnola89 t1_jd2yk4j wrote

I'm hoping the DC reddit thread doesn't attract too many tourists... but I could be wrong.


iggly1999 t1_jcyj8rm wrote

I'm glad you took this to reddit... this is a pretty serious issue that the district has been facing for years now and I'm tired of it.


puttinonthefoil t1_jcyujue wrote

Yeah, way better to have 40 posts a day about crime and balaclavas.


dmethvin t1_jczxnif wrote

Some residents have racked up more than 10,000 blossoms over the years, and nobody is doing anything about it.


tacojohn44 t1_jcyo2hm wrote

Ahh man, I'm actually glad to see this. I had Sakura flavoured ice cream in Japan years ago and am constantly looking for it out in the wild. This would have been an excited then let down experience.


glopmod OP t1_jcyozyr wrote

I have been let down ordering "cherry blossom" cocktails that use cherry flavor. It dominates the drink and doesn't taste anything like cherry blossom.


I brought back a bottle of sakura liqueur to replicate for our wedding menu a few years ago. This stuff is pretty solid, compared to actual sakura liqueur, if you mix it with 1 part vodka and 1 part sugar.


coolfuzzylemur t1_jcz8cea wrote

> and 1 part sugar



glopmod OP t1_jczawff wrote

Have you had sakura liqueur?


coolfuzzylemur t1_jczbx3f wrote

Just saying, one part syrup and 1 part sugar is a LOT of sugar


glopmod OP t1_jcze6n8 wrote

The syrup I linked to isn't that sweet, and you missed the 1 part vodka. You're making a liqueur.


loogie_hucker t1_jczauyi wrote

"yeah, so if you make alcoholic soda, it's actually pretty tasty!"


DC-COVID-TRASH t1_jczrq32 wrote

yea, that's literally what a cocktail is


Gumburcules t1_jd02zwo wrote

...if you're at the kind of bar with sticky floors where everything is served in disposable cups.


glopmod OP t1_jczeeeh wrote

I mean you are following along and see that the goal is to replicate a liqueur, yes


neil_va t1_jd0no1r wrote

What would you compare the taste to?


extraglop t1_jd0s1l6 wrote

It's very mild, a little sweet and floral, closer to a rose hip


CandyCaneCrisp t1_jd1xa0e wrote

This stuff uses wild cherry extract, which tastes like cherries in my experience.


glopmod OP t1_jd2spv2 wrote

I compared it to a bottle of Suntory sakura I brought back and they're similar


CandyCaneCrisp t1_jd3jukt wrote

Suntory Sakura is made with the blossoms and leaves.


extraglop t1_jd3w8f0 wrote

I am aware


CandyCaneCrisp t1_jd44zhj wrote

>I have been let down ordering "cherry blossom" cocktails that use cherry flavor. It dominates the drink and doesn't taste anything like cherry blossom.

Was what you said, but now you are claiming that your homemade drink WITH cherry extract tastes like something made with cherry blossoms... but also leaves. So which does it actually taste like, the leaves or the blossoms?


extraglop t1_jd45r08 wrote

I don't give a shit what it's made from. I care how it tastes. I compared a bunch of products. This one was the best. Reviews share the concept.

I'm not sitting here and arguing about what something you haven't tasted tastes like. You wanna come over and try it?


CandyCaneCrisp t1_jd4hn2b wrote

I've tasted cherry blossoms and leaves, and wild cherry in many forms. The first two have so little scent and taste I can hardly believe that they can flavor a beverage at all by themselves. Japan also popularized drinking "maple water", e.g. sap, that tastes just like... water.


AssumptionSlow76 t1_jcyqj5q wrote

Fat fish has a cherry blossom icecream where they use sakura and vanilla and also cherry blossom sushi. I haven’t had it yet to see if they used cherry flavouring for the icecream as well or if it tastes like Sakura but it’s worth a try.


tacojohn44 t1_jczq0i6 wrote

Wow - thank you


AssumptionSlow76 t1_jda5126 wrote

Hey FYI I went today - definitely not cherry flavoured and it was insanely delicious. I splurged for the fancy cake fish cone.


TheJoYo t1_jd0c5gz wrote

Rose ice cream is a Persian dessert that has a similar flavor.


ofiuco t1_jd0ahrs wrote

You can order Monin Sakura syrup on the internet now. Cheers


extraglop t1_jd0s3pb wrote

Monin is cherry flavored I believe


ofiuco t1_jd12eb6 wrote

Nope. Not if you buy it from Japan, which is achievable. It's not the strongest Sakura flavor ever, for that you should probably just buy pickled Sakura instead and make your own syrup.


glopmod OP t1_jd1dqjo wrote

I am unsure how that is achievable. It's not legal to ship from It also isn't currently available.


ofiuco t1_jd2g4p8 wrote

There are resellers like Sugoi Mart.


fizzy1317 t1_jd9csna wrote

You should check out Mt Desert Island in Mt Pleasant! They have a sakura ice cream right now for the cherry blossoms.


goddeszzilla t1_jcys5gl wrote

For those of you who don't know - cherry blossoms are edible and you can put them in cookies and make simple syrup with them.

They taste similar to almonds.


violet-shift t1_jczmd47 wrote

That kind of makes sense -- cherries and almonds are related.

(That's also why whole almonds look a bit like plum pits)


velveteen311 t1_jd051zn wrote

So this is why everything that’s “almond flavored” tastes like cherry flavoring to me. But cherry flavoring tastes nothing like cherries.


sweatyMcYeti t1_jd0eo8x wrote

Kinda the other way around. A lot of “cherry” flavors use almond extract, very specifically most maraschino cherries that aren’t made with actual maraschino liqueur


brightblade13 t1_jcypcc6 wrote

cc'ing our region's breweries as well


glopmod OP t1_jcyppnr wrote

Oh man which one is it that lets me down every year because I forget it's inaccurate


brightblade13 t1_jcyw5um wrote

My brother in Christ, I can all but guarantee that you're thinking of the Dominion Cherry Blossom Lager.


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_jcz3yov wrote

That goes for all the pumpkin beers in the fall that are loaded up with the spices used in pumpkin pie recipes, but taste absolutely nothing like pumpkins. Not that you'd want them to.


brightblade13 t1_jcz4rl5 wrote

haha, I was going to say, I'm *glad* pumpkin beer doesn't taste like actual pumpkin, though. I *want* the cherry blossom beers to taste like cherries.


messmaker523 t1_jcylvh2 wrote

Grape Skittles don't taste like grapes either


brokenfuton t1_jcz5g2x wrote

They do actually! Artificial grape flavoring tastes like Concord grapes, which taste completely different from the Thompson (or “table”) grapes that are normally found in supermarkets.


manifestdustiny t1_jczbbit wrote

The first time I had a concord grape I was amazed. ‘It tastes like purple!’


messmaker523 t1_jczu57u wrote

Concord grapes taste like Barney turds, not Skittles.. sorry


glopmod OP t1_jcymqyq wrote

But this is because the two things sound the same, in one language.


It would be like ordering dogwood berries and they mail you a chunk of raw dog.


FairfaxGirl t1_jcz14gm wrote

“Sound the same in one language”? What is that supposed to mean? Botanically, ornamental cherry trees, sweet cherry trees, and sour cherry trees are all prunus trees. Of course the blossoms don’t taste the same as the fruit, that isn’t because the trees are some totally unrelated plants that just have names that rhyme or something.


glopmod OP t1_jcz2kgb wrote

People don't make the assumption that cherry blossom flavored food tastes like cherry because the trees are biologically similar.


They make the assumption because they assume a cherry blossom flavor tastes like cherries.


If everything cherry blossom flavored was called sakura no one would make that mistake.


I didn't say or suggest they were totally unrelated plants.


ManitouWakinyan t1_jcz3hix wrote

In my experience, dogwood and dogs are not remotely related.


glopmod OP t1_jcz46yf wrote

I cannot believe people are so hung up on a funny comparison.


I would say get a hobby but I made and have been on this thread all day so


ManitouWakinyan t1_jcz5o8v wrote

Bud I'm in a meeting and playing Planet Zoo don't worry you aren't taking anything away from my day


RockItGuyDC t1_jcz770d wrote

>a funny comparison.

No, it's a bad simile.


glopmod OP t1_jcz7ji9 wrote

Please find something more significant to pick an argument about, holy fuck


messmaker523 t1_jcyo5vs wrote

What if I wanted just the bark from a dogwood.😁😁


Tahh t1_jcyyvq4 wrote

That's a bit dramatic lol, they are fairly closely related to the trees that produce edible cherries.


glopmod OP t1_jcyzcdp wrote

They aren't fairly close flavors at all?

One is a fruit.

The other is the flower from a fruitless tree.


FairfaxGirl t1_jcz19rn wrote

Or the flower of a fruit tree. Cherry producing cherry trees also have blossoms. That’s how fruit works.


glopmod OP t1_jcz28jl wrote

And those aren't the ones on the tidal basin that we have a festival for.

The flavors are different.

Thanks for coming to the TEDtalk.


Tahh t1_jcz2xy9 wrote

Fair enough, it's not remotely the same as dog and dogwood though lol


llamadolly85 t1_jd0ehwg wrote

Cherry blossom trees have fruit. Humans just don't eat it.


Surefinewhatever1111 t1_jcynjuc wrote

They're supposed to taste like purple and they do. What is "grape"?


Surefinewhatever1111 t1_jcyiino wrote

Who are you, the cherry police? Appointed by the Chrysanthemum throne?


glopmod OP t1_jcyio09 wrote

Someone that likes gimmick limited time cocktail menus and the taste of cherry blossom


Surefinewhatever1111 t1_jcyitm3 wrote

How many cherry blossoms do you eat a year and are you also mad about Japanese Kit Kats?


glopmod OP t1_jcyjjhw wrote

Japanese Kit Kats, surprisingly, taste like cherry blossoms, likely because the base consumer for that product knows the difference


Surefinewhatever1111 t1_jcyjzaf wrote

Cherry blossoms do not taste of much at all, which seems to be why they are often served preserved in sugar or other things. Umeboshi they are not.


Veszerin t1_jcykek0 wrote

Japan has hundreds of flavors of kit kats though. I wish we got more of them.


glopmod OP t1_jcykzhp wrote

I assumed he was talking about the one that tastes like the thing this post is about.


Stop at Hana. They get a pretty good selection throughout the year of seasonal KitKats.


twenty-six-sixty-six t1_jcyjh9e wrote

candy that tastes like other candy is unamerican

if we had known this was going to be an issue, we would have banned this kind of thing when we wrote their constitution


rennbrig t1_jd092gn wrote

I was going to say this sounds a lot like McCarthyism but that means something different now lol


Yikes_Brigade t1_jcyxj8v wrote

If you can’t pull the cherry blossoms directly off the tidal basin trees, store bought is fine.


Komischaffe t1_jd0c8qu wrote

I just hang around there and catch falling ones in a big hat. After a few days I have enough to cook with


DJ_FUNKWIZARD t1_jcza6i9 wrote



dozyhorse t1_jczdvtt wrote

This is my favorite thread that I've ever seen on this sub.


electriclady09 t1_jczpwy5 wrote

just saw that city-state's sakura ale is made with actual blossoms


welltimedappearance t1_jczoika wrote

what does Baked and Wired use in their cherry blossom cupcakes? cause whatever they’re doing, that’s personally my favorite cupcake of all time


kpfluff t1_jczmklj wrote

It irritates me more when it's a note in a perfume and people are like, "ah yes, I smell the cherry blossom." Very few cherry blossoms have a scent, ime. There's one variety on Hains Point that smells like almonds, and that's it for what I've encountered.


MishileStrike15 t1_jd09y95 wrote

I'm so glad to see this!! Every year I make a liter of cherry blossom simple syrup from a cherry tree in my yard because I got so sick of getting excited for cherry blossoms things, just to get "cherry-flavored" every year.

Almondy, floral, lightly fruity. Divine. Great in coffee, tea, tonic water, on your waffles, everything :)


ackme t1_jd0aneh wrote

This is why for St Patrick's Day all my special cocktails taste like some sweaty Irishman instead of mint. For the authenticity!


glopmod OP t1_jd1cu97 wrote

This would be ordering a Guiness and an Irish and getting bud light and gin


ackme t1_jd3b9e9 wrote

Disagree. I believe the greater expectation by people ordering "cherry blossom" is for it to taste like cherries, same as a Shamrock Shake tastes like mint and not shamrocks.


glopmod OP t1_jd3bsu4 wrote

Because people don't eat shamrocks. A shamrock shock is a madeup item from an American burger place to celebrate a watered down American version of an Irish holiday.

Sakura season is specifically celebrated here, in one city, because we were gifted sakura trees from the culture known for sakura season.


The only people expecting it to taste like cherries is people who know nothing about it.

This is the stupidest fucking comparison.


Crapital-Beltway t1_jd3g77l wrote

I suspect there are far more people who "know nothing" about the cherry blossom trees than people who expect authentic Sakura flavor from any "cherry blossom" drink.


glopmod OP t1_jd3gzcc wrote

Ok? Are we supposed to cater to people's ignorance?


If you go to a restaurant and order something and get upset because it's what you ordered but you don't know what you ordered, that's a you problem.


Crapital-Beltway t1_jd3iywf wrote

Businesses are generally trying to make money so if most people expect "cherry blossom" drinks to taste like cherries then yes, you do cater to the ignorance. It's not customer's problem if the business loses money because people didn't like the taste of their "cherry blossom" drinks and stopped ordering them.


extraglop t1_jd3wdy2 wrote

But you're entirely guessing they expect that when ordering a specific culture's food

Honestly dude, find something else to argue about


Crapital-Beltway t1_jd41vn5 wrote

This whole post was a stupid rant anyway lol. You seem more pressed than any of my comments were


extraglop t1_jd45fia wrote

"It's your fault I am arguing some dumb unqualifiable bullshit, no u"


ackme t1_jd5j2uv wrote

Who the fuck calls it Sakura season though?

Absolutely no one! It's not unreasonable to admit that for most people, the words "cherry tree" are the applicable words, and that, due to common practice, people associate the word "cherry" with the flavor of "cherry".

If someone released a sakura beer and it tasted like bing cherries, by all means, hit 'em up. But no one is lining up outside their local bar for a "sakura surprise" cocktail.


glopmod OP t1_jd5jyvq wrote

A. The people who gave us the trees

B. [DC, as the biggest part of the cherry blossom festival is called Sakura Matsuri](

Sakura literally means cherry blossom. Cherry blossoms don't taste like cherries. The trees we have a festival for don't produce fruit.


Tens of thousands of people are lining up downtown for a festival called Sakura Matsuri, and local restaurants serve drinks during it that taste like cherry. That is the post.


It's been 48 hours. Please go away.


ackme t1_jd5kjam wrote

It's been 9 hours since your reply. Figured convo was still going.

More than happy to let this drop, because it's pretty obvious neither of us is going to budge. Hope you have a great spring!


minion_toes t1_jcz5whd wrote

some of the cherry blossom lattes use raspberry syrup 😝


burrito-disciple t1_jcyyh0y wrote

Eh, let people enjoy things.


glopmod OP t1_jcyzinx wrote

People can enjoy whatever they want. That isn't at all the discussion.


The discussion is that bars and restaurants create flavor profiles based around a piece of fruit because the tree shares the same name as a fruitless flowering tree in English.


You can like watermelon, but that doesn't mean it tastes like tap water or musk melon, the type of fruit that most Asian flavored products base their melon flavor on.


derpycalculator t1_jcz075r wrote

I was very disappointed when I learned the cherry blossoms dc was famous for was not accompanied by cherries. 🤣. It’s alright, I don’t even like cherries. It is very confusing to find out cherry blossom trees don’t produce cherries.


JohnJohnston t1_jczzaea wrote

I think more people would be upset that cherry blossom inspired cocktails didn't taste like cherries than people who are upset they do taste like cherries. Most people see cherry and expect cherry flavor.

Remember, this is the country where the 1/3lb burger failed to the 1/4lb burger because the "1/4lb burger is bigger than the 1/3lb burger".


glopmod OP t1_jd0325u wrote

"I got what I asked for and am upset"

A you problem

If you order the sockeye salmon with your cherry blossom martini and are mad you got neither socks nor eyes, that's not the fault of the establishment


JohnJohnston t1_jd049ww wrote

I'm sure restaurants will be glad to put a drink on the menu that annoys more people than it satisfies. Clearly how successful businesses are run.

Sounds like you not liking how local restaurants capitalize on the cherry blossom tourism is "a you problem".


glopmod OP t1_jd05669 wrote

I think it's ignorance on the part of restaurants.


There are also a lot of "successful businesses" that cater specifically to... serving what they say they are serving, even if someone might not have heard of it. It's why a cheap Americanized roll of sushi with spicy mayo and avocado costs a fraction of a piece of fish that the person who is upset their sakura drink doesn't taste like the wrong thing would say "ew, it's raw."


You will notice several people share this criticism in these comments.


landlocked_kook t1_jczznar wrote

POV: your a mid level manager at Deloitte and passions are Reddit and cocktails


glopmod OP t1_jd02ta6 wrote

  1. You're
  2. I wish I was a mid level manager
  3. I fucking hate Reddit
  4. I do like cocktails tho

SchokoKipferl t1_jd2cw5w wrote

I love cherries, would be nice for restaurants and bars to have both.


conspiracydawg t1_jd0rtv7 wrote

Cherry blossoms don’t even taste that good.


twenty-six-sixty-six t1_jcyiva2 wrote

some cherries are sour


[deleted] t1_jcyqvaf wrote



supercoffee1025 t1_jd09bhj wrote

Girl it is not that deep ☠️

Let the people have their cherry flavor.


extraglop t1_jd0shq7 wrote

They can. That's fine.

But if I pay $15 for a sakura cocktail that tastes like cherry I am annoyed


enigma_goth t1_jd09zh3 wrote

Who cares! Just let people have fun.


extraglop t1_jd0sofm wrote

For like the third time this isn't about people and their taste

It's about products that taste like the wrong thing, the title says restaurants, the post is about restaurants, it's restaurants