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HelloCantaloupe t1_jdnnwko wrote

I could be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure DC zoning limits seating at coffee shops to 18 seats as they are classified as prepared foods shops. This applies to places without a kitchen / full menu of food. If a place serves food and has a kitchen, they are entitled to more seats.


Praxiscat t1_jdo0qxn wrote

DC zoning limits have a large number of issues which strike me as outright arbitrary. This is one of them.


ActuaryPersonal2378 OP t1_jdnphnv wrote

That's really interesting! I wasn't aware of that, but thanks for sharing. DC zoning is a whole other beast, but that makes a lot of sense.


foreverurgirl t1_jdqug3v wrote

You are mistaken. Occupancy is a function of size and number of restrooms…

It’s more that it’s not profitable for people to just be parked not spending a lot all day.


HelloCantaloupe t1_jdrpp7j wrote

You are welcome to Google, but I first learned about the 18-seat limit for prepared foods shops (which are most coffee shops…) via this Wash Post article from several years ago.

“Their business was categorized as a prepared-foods shop, limiting it to 18 seats, but the space could hold much more.”