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ActuaryPersonal2378 OP t1_jdo84nf wrote

ok but not letting customers have a place to sit for an hour is also a dick move. Not everything has to be 'grab and go' these days


VulcanVulcanVulcan t1_jdof9j0 wrote

Every coffee shop I’ve been to in DC has seating. If seats are in short supply, it’s because the coffee shop is very popular or people have been taking up tables for hours.


Existing365Chocolate t1_jdoafzm wrote

They still have seating to do that

Every coffeeshop has seating for the most part

If they’re busy, then get there earlier and not at 10AM when everyone else gets the same idea


MoreCleverUserName t1_jdodm6p wrote

It doesn’t take an hour to drink a coffee. That coffee is gonna be cold as a stone after 20 minutes.