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Swarmin_Swedes OP t1_jdi1ma6 wrote

I took this just prior to peak bloom and before the crowds descended on the Tidal Basin. Hoping the rain and wind this weekend won’t affect the blossoms too much.


archwin t1_jdlvskb wrote

Beautiful shot!!!

I was there a few weeks ago and the buds were there but missed this obviously


MeinAuslanderkonto t1_jdpf4vx wrote

Hello! I am arriving from Europe this weekend… is there any chance they’ll still be around to see next week?


Excellent-Ad-1606 t1_jdi7det wrote

I love the composition and the contrast of red and blue tones! Well done!


quixologist t1_jdifcbn wrote

Meanwhile, MLK just looks mad about it all.


franksvalli t1_jdiuc6h wrote

You can also frame FDR by the cherries, and he's not super thrilled about it. But he seems to enjoy his blanket.


CowboyAirman t1_jdi7fp6 wrote

Almost went there today, but alas the weather is doodoo. Great shot!


soccerk1 t1_jdj65zz wrote

Same, I've been trying to go since last weekend but the weather has other ideas


new_account_5009 t1_jdjhwz5 wrote

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful for them. My legs hate me today, but I basically did lap after lap after lap around Hains Point on my bike. Tons of car traffic and tourists near the Jefferson Memorial, but that thinned out pretty dramatically once you go closer to Hains Point.


[deleted] t1_jdjf849 wrote



mvia4 t1_jdjtpcv wrote

I'd say the point of editing is to evoke the feeling of being there, because cameras never do it justice. this photo has that feeling


throwaway528371 t1_jdjvhs8 wrote

This looks nothing like cherry blossoms in real life.

Good cameras, like OP has, can absolutely do cherry blossoms justice with minimal edits.


pargofan t1_jdjs37g wrote

We'll be in DC next Saturday, April 1. Will the cherry blossoms be gone by then?


iLikeGreenTea t1_jdmgt9e wrote

Probably…. BUT , Other flowers will be popping out, and it’s very pretty. For example there is a tulip garden near the title basin. And throughout the mall the trees will be turning green so it’s quite nice to walk from any of the Smithsonian museums down past the Washington monument and toward the Lincoln Memorial


BTownPhD t1_jdkjlwt wrote

I know this shot. Love the view. Great picture!


SwornBiter t1_jdiw2pi wrote

Very pretty. Not a new idea, :-) but a good image!


Not_A_Hemsworth t1_jdilhwc wrote

OP. You are a pretty good photographer. I would encourage you next time to get one where the flowers are more in focus.


Swarmin_Swedes OP t1_jdiph7z wrote

Yeah it would be almost impossible to hold the flowers and the monument in focus especially since the lens I have has loses a bit of focus at the edges naturally.


Not_A_Hemsworth t1_jdj514z wrote

Personally I’d of sacrificed the monument for the flowers. But it’s not like one choice is better than the other. My tone in the original comment was a little bit judge unintentionally.


squuidlees t1_jdim5jj wrote

I’m taking a leap and guessing that the camera they use would make the monument blurred if they set the focus on the flowers. Plus the composition works well with the monument as the focus. I think a different composition would be required for it to work with the blossoms as the focus and have the monument as a background element.


Not_A_Hemsworth t1_jdj4uog wrote

No, that’s a good point. This is probably a phone. I get tricked these days.


squuidlees t1_jdktj67 wrote

Nah, I was guessing it was a camera with a proper lense, not a phone.


jamesjeffriesiii t1_jdiugeb wrote

Mm slavery house