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Pipes_of_Pan t1_je157dc wrote

Bizarre to see DC residents viewing this deranged and politically opportunistic oversight as sincere and helpful. We are talking about the worst republicans of modern history whose top constituencies are traitors and racists.


NorseTikiBar t1_je1hjut wrote

Crime post trolls gonna crime post troll.


IAmTheJudasTree t1_je33qck wrote

>Crime post trolls gonna crime post troll.

The number one post on this subreddit right now is by a person saying that they were "almost kidnapped by a Latino man" in DC (the poster also says DC has a "huge sex trafficking problem," which is factually not accurate).

But if you read their post and their comments, it sounds like they were walking outside, they saw what they say was a "latino man" in a truck circling a block a few times and the poster decided they were on the verge of being kidnapped and they reported it to the police. The person didn't actually get out of the truck and try to kidnap them.

Unfortunately, anecdotes have always driven public opinion, and policy decisions, around crime and criminal justice, whether based on fact or fantasy.


posam t1_je1s82c wrote

Absolutely insincere but I just want more insight at this point because nobody can point enough fingers around between MPD, the USAO, etc.


Pipes_of_Pan t1_je1v95v wrote

I know what you’re saying but I don’t think they’ll get one legit question about the governance structure. Also they’re not going to listen to our electeds when they point out that easy access to guns is driving a ton of the violence. I get that it’s just one more finger to point but it’s ridiculous to have so many guns flowing into our city.


AndreTippettPoint t1_je5p30l wrote

I haven't been watching the hearing, but I suspect this is right. Still, the failures of the US Attorney's office need greater exposure. And while I know this isn't always a popular opinion, but we also need more focus on the misguided public safety agenda of the DC Council.


dynospectrum7 t1_je2b9fa wrote

If this can light a fire under their asses, why does it matter who cares? There is no reason this city should only have half the murders as NYC when it’s only 1/10th the size. That’s just ridiculous.