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ehtooh t1_je2ly0v wrote

How are you hearing about them?


VirginiaTex t1_je2nhf1 wrote

Do we know anything about the suspects appearance if we know who they are targeting?


dangubiti t1_je325ps wrote

Most men have two arms so not sure how that’s gonna narrow things down.


panther254 t1_je33en8 wrote

Dude you gotta learn how to comment correctly…


Ainwein t1_je3fzn0 wrote

It's very odd because this came out of no where.

I've lived in the Eliot on 4th for 2 years now. Never had any emails about crime and we got two in the last two days. Someone got carjacked outside the building and last night two dudes attacked the concierge.


MarkinDC24 t1_je4dsdj wrote

Your fine to prove an adequate description of criminals, especially if it is coming from an official source (I.e. MPD). Even better, you could reference or cite where you have gotten your description from. What you shouldn’t do, is provide vague references to the criminals features. Why? If you provide ambiguous statements like “you guess the race” it can leave others to assume things about your intention/message.

As an example of what one could assume about your ambiguous statement earlier of the criminal: Did you intend to say, you can just assume it was a person of color? If so, obviously that’s a prejudge thing to do.

Upshot: Clear. Concise. And credibly cited criminal profiles are not a problem.