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srandrews t1_jdpg24u wrote

Probably same reason there is no metro stop.


NorseTikiBar t1_jdphtmg wrote

... having to dig too deep below the Potomac and that Georgetown wasn't considered a work location during the initial design when Metro was primarily considered a way to ferry suburbanites in and out of their DC office buildings?


srandrews t1_jdpivzl wrote

The bringing in crime is more of an urban legend than simple nimbyism hence the 'probably' in my comment. But I didn't know construction costed it out of the running. Googling around shows a plan on the table and guess it would be a deeper station than Rosslyn?


VirginiaTex t1_jdpg1hy wrote

Its very old and one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the country. No one gets to live in Georgetown for free except wealthy college kids. /s


keyjan t1_jdqkgjy wrote

Where would you put it? There's not a lot of empty space left there; none of the houses are tear downs to build an apartment building; if someone has an empty lot, it’s going to be exorbitantly expensive to buy and build on.


Savageride t1_jdqm8zr wrote

You don’t have apartments in Georgetown, mostly private owned homes/condos. The very few apartments do have subsidized housing in them. They are on MacArthur Blvd…… mostly older people that are quite.


giscard78 t1_jdpi4hu wrote

Residents likely kept it out. The US hasn’t built public housing (eg Sursum Corda) in decades except for some privately financed developments (and have a lot of variation). In theory, households could use vouchers to rent units in Georgetown but I am going to guess the lease-up rate for vouchers is quite low there.


jjl10c t1_jdqy1b2 wrote

You know why...


MarkinDC24 t1_jdq0nfv wrote

Complex state/government racist de jure exclusionary housing policy. If you want to know more, please readthe Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America by Richard Rothstein.


clawmanj t1_jdptb1l wrote

So Georgetown is a special place where only rich people can go. If you have a Range Rover or Roles Royce, you can park there without getting a ticket. which means that is your place too sleep. However, if you drive anything made before 2015, you are going to get F'ed in the A!!! That is what the police there get paid for. AND THEY BRAG ABOUT IT!!! Many videos on YouTube.


Deep_Stick8786 t1_jdqaof9 wrote

My very first night moving to DC I parked my honda in Georgetown. The neighborhood was so grossed out it dropped a tree across the street and crushed the roof. I learned my lesson that night. I moved to U street the next day.


GenericReditAccount t1_jdql7mf wrote

I used to street park my base model BMW in Georgetown. Jack Evans himself came to spit on my windshield each and every morning before work. I finally wised up and bought a Phantom.


Deep_Stick8786 t1_je70px0 wrote

I wish the joke part of my comment was the “tree fell on my honda after one night in georgetown”. Sadly, it was not