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herereadthis t1_jdyi2c0 wrote

I'm guessing you have a budget of $750, and you're looking for some place with a minimum of 1500 square feet?


tameobo t1_jdyin6m wrote

DuPont and Noma/Union Market are great. I personally wouldn’t want to live in Georgetown. I think being around all the tourists would get pretty annoying and there really isn’t much a of a nightlife scene which as a student you might be looking for (but don’t want to make assumptions).


TravelerMSY t1_jdyjgwp wrote

I’m a frequent visitor rather than a local, but if you’re new to the area, why buy anything right away? Most people outgrow their first apartment in a new city, or find it’s not what they expected and regret it.

For the record, I’d choose DuPont.


EternalMoonChild t1_jdymlf5 wrote

DuPont. It’s not only closer to Foggy Bottom but it’s also a more central location in the city. I also feel safer walking around there at night, personally.

Have you visited both areas? They are pretty different.


NPRjunkieDC t1_jdyo6p1 wrote

One bedroom condos in 20009 haven't changed in price, $350-450K typically.

Two bedroom condos $500-750K mostly. A few over that price if over 1000sf .

A 3 bedroom/2 bath is closer to $1M .

My advice is to stay away from any new construction. Pre-war buildings are the best . Larger spaces, high ceilings, and great locations since they had 1st choice .


DCXPA t1_jdypnh8 wrote

You should talk to your real estate agent about the differences in these neighborhoods and the pros and cons as far as commute, markets, night life and overall walkability.


DuckChoke t1_jdys15p wrote

I'm curious why you would choose NOMA if you are buying a place, there aren't really many single family homes and not that many condo buildings. Definitely a renters area IMO.

Dupont would be better if you could afford it IMO but if you are buying I'd go closer to the West end for access to the park walking trails, up to Kalorama for some chiller vibes, or even into AdMo if you can afford it and get a place with private parking.


MCStarlight t1_jdysx20 wrote

Georgetown - mostly college kids, especially a lot of girls, or old, rich people

Dupont - gay / prof neighborhood/ going through a decline since the pandemic

Noma - hope you enjoy drugs and shootings, hipsters love it here


latinaglasses t1_jdyy0li wrote

I've lived in NOMA and love it - I think people on this sub tend to exaggerate the crime. I love how close it is to most places in the city, and it's very easy to get to Union Station, the Capitol & the National Mall. With all the new construction it has a very youthful vibe, 20s-30s. That being said, I don't really like the area near Harris Teeter. I feel that it lacks any real sense of community and has some sketchy characters; near Eckington/Bloomingdale feels more residential.

I think Dupont is a much nicer area in terms of shops, things to do and safety, and is also way more accessible to GW, especially if you plan to take public transit. It also has a beautiful farmers' market on Sunday. It is a lot more active than Noma in the sense that the embassies are there (so sometimes there are protests but they're usually very chill) along with the many restaurants & bars, which can be a pro and a con. But if I had to choose between the two I'd choose Dupont in a heartbeat.


Stony1234 t1_jdz3cs3 wrote

I agree. I have night classes at GW and commute on the metro and while it’s not horrible or anything, being able to walk home after class would shave off a lot of time. Especially when it’s 9 o’clock at night and I’m just ready to be home lol


NorseTikiBar t1_jdz3s8p wrote

Because not enough people update their smartphone's dictionary.

Seriously folks, unless you find yourself spending an inordinate amount of time talking about DuPont chemical spills, you'll just look so much better if you don't capitalize that way.