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MoreCleverUserName t1_jee7xeu wrote

Black Cat, DC9 and 9:30 Club all get metal bands from time to time. Also the Fillmore in Silver Spring.


Cityzen_1894 t1_jee9d6y wrote

Can confirm the Fillmore in Silver Spring. Only 2 blocks from the Metro.


smokehidesstars t1_jeerkhk wrote

Baltimore has a pretty developed metal scene, nothing much here, though.

That said, Dave Grohl is opening a new club/venue at some undisclosed time in the near-ish future: It's supposed to be a recreation of the early 9:30 club, so expect something punk/hardcore/metal-friendly.


KoolDiscoDan t1_jeewvz2 wrote

>Dave Grohl is opening a new club/venue at some undisclosed time

It's IMP (9:30, The Anthem, MPP, Lincoln) not Dave Grohl owned. They may broaden what is booked, but I would guess metal will be rare.


Cool_Story_Bra t1_jefknqx wrote

Also if it’s supposed to be a recreation of the original, it’s going to be pretty small. That venue was only rated for like 200 people. Atlantis will probably be a competitor to Union Stage, which holds 450, and Songbyrd, which has 200. Could be a bit of a replacement for Rock and Roll hotel, which was about 400 as well.


smokehidesstars t1_jefn71s wrote

Ah, that's disappointing . . . I thought we were getting a new independently-owned venue.


Surefinewhatever1111 t1_jed8fpl wrote

Occasionally and perhaps more often going forward (had done so pre pandemic more), the Atlas brewery in Ivy City hosts metal bands. Pie Shop also has acts in the genre from time to time.


new_account_5009 t1_jeet93s wrote

I'll echo everyone else's comments. Your best bet is the Filmore in Silver Spring, especially if you're looking for nationally touring acts, but other venues will occasionally have shows too.

Out of curiousity, what metal venues are you seeing out towards Fairfax? Are you referring to Jaxx/Empire? If so, that permanently closed in 2015, and unless you count something like Jiffy Lube Live for huge summer shows way out in the Virginia Countryside, there aren't any metal venues anywhere near Fairfax.

I generally make the trek from Arlington to Silver Spring for the Filmore. Check out the lineup on their website to see if you like the bands that come through, but I'll be at the Spiritbox show in April.

Baltimore has a much bigger metal scene. Bands often play Boston/NYC/Philly/Baltimore, but skip DC entirely.


jimmyvluv4u t1_jee804y wrote

Soundstage in Baltimore, but it's a bit of a hike.


jimmyvluv4u t1_jee8hr2 wrote

Also a few other venues up there (Metro Gallery, Ram's Head occasionally), but still, Baltimore.


FancyRatFridays t1_jeeivys wrote

I think the comments here have already covered most of the small venues... DC doesn't really have much in the way of a metal scene, although the shows we do get tend to be pretty fun (nothing like eating a big slice of pie before a show at the Pie Shop!)

Baltimore is where it's at, although some of the big acts will play the Fillmore in Silver Spring. DC Heavy Metal on Twitter is a good way to find out about upcoming shows.


PuebloEsNoBueno t1_jeejrzg wrote

Most of the good metal/punk/hardcore shows are in Baltimore but every now and then 9:30 Club and Fillmore in Silver Spring will have good bands in those genres.


meshuggahdaddy t1_jee8fir wrote

There aren't any. Small bands don't want to have to deal with DC. One of the reasons I'm headed to Richmond