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giscard78 t1_jdyjgwk wrote

> Lowering the basement to increase ceiling height and usable space, turn it into a two-bedroom.

A dig out? Idk the proper way to do but I’d be looking into it to make sure you protect yourself (and your neighbors) in case god forbid the foundation or party walls are damaged during the process.

Idk what your plans are to do when the walls are open but think of everything. Run the cat cables you’ve always dreamed of.


LeDeepPenseur OP t1_jdykzcd wrote

+1 for cat cables. 🤓 It is a dugout until we hit the footer. Below footer would require underpinning. We have seen so many flips around the neighborhood, some with deeper basements.


giscard78 t1_jdylr9t wrote

> underpinning

Ah, that’s the word I was looking for. Thanks!

Idk your end finishes or if you’re separating the basement into a separate unit (I wouldn’t if I could afford not to rent the basement) but not surprised at all about the $250k mid price quote for all that work.