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new_account_5009 t1_jdjya2d wrote

I go down every year that I can. They're absolutely beautiful, and to me, it's a ritual marking the start of spring much like Memorial Day marks the start of summer and Labor Day marks the start of fall. The experience is great on bike once you get past the cars. I did a bunch of laps around Hains Point last night. I chuckled passing the same cars with every lap I did around the park though (that had moved maybe 30 feet for every 3 mile lap I completed on bike).


endlessly_apollo t1_jdjyop2 wrote

I also ignore this every year but saw them this year… it’s pretty cool in person not gonna lie


NorseTikiBar t1_jdk0rzz wrote

Yeah, there's just something about annual rituals that I appreciate more as I've grown older. I get why people don't want to go there during all of this, period, but I see it as an opportunity for a beautiful 9 mile run where I'm giving myself permission to stop, enjoy, and take pictures instead of focusing on pushing through and trying to hit a PR.


listenyall t1_jdm8wk9 wrote

Yeah--i will definitely go to other locations than the tidal basin buti love the cherry blossoms overall. they're so beautiful I love making a point of celebrating spring.